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DC Comics Alternative Universe

Now that DC Comics has taken the word extended out of the DC Universe, here are some ideas for standalone movie that could break the big screen curse plaguing Warner Bros.

Top 10 hottest DC Comics Toy Collectibles gift ideas

Marvel Comics might be having a better time on the big screen than DC Comics but DC collectible toys are in huge demand so here are the top 10 best ones you can get that fan of all ages.

Top 10 Comic Books Most Sought After By Collectors

Remember when comic books were just barely over a dollar? Well those same ones can fetch a million dollars or more. Find out which ones can make you rich.

Carry on Wayward Sons Flash & Windows XP

Peace to Microsoft When You Are Done trying to kill off Flash & Windows XP

Google Chrome Puts Flash on Hold

Flash has been with us for quite some time now. We’re not talking about Barry Allen but the technology which helped revolutionize how we interact with information on the internet. But progress can be a thankless thing.

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