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How politics merged into pop culture for 2016

2016 will easily go down when lines blurred and the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton campaign merged fully into our pop culture. Rules were broken and long time traditions were trashed

Heroes & Zeros: Kendrick Lamar & The Grammy’s

It’s the Grammys edition of Heroes & Zeros. In the winning spot is an artist that brought the house down with his powerful performance and the loser is an entity that missed the mark.

Kim Kardashian jumps into Kanye’s mess & Lady Gaga’s Super David Bowie Bowl moment

If it only feels like merely days since Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West was feuding with Amber Rose over Twitter it is because it was. However now, less than a week later, it looks like Kim has taken the initiative to smooth things over

Lamar Odom gets free drug pass & Tiffany Pollard’s David Bowie breakdown

ormer NBA star Lamar Odom (who was also fighting for his life and is continuing to work on his recovery) has been given some good news surrounding his overdose that happened back in October.

RIP David Bowie dies at 69 from cancer

In what will surely be a shock to fans as it was to us, but pioneering influential singer-songwriter David Bowie has died after an 18-month fight with cancer.

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