Kim Kardashian jumps into Kanye’s mess & Lady Gaga’s Super David Bowie Bowl moment

kim kardashian jumps into kanyes mess 2016 gossip

kim kardashian jumps into kanyes mess 2016 gossipIf it only feels like merely days since Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West was feuding with Amber Rose over Twitter it is because it was. However now, less than a week later, it looks like Kim has taken the initiative to smooth things over with Kanye’s ex-girlfriend.

Early on Tuesday, both Kim and Amber posted a picture together. Alongside the image Kim playfully captioned, “Tea anyone?”

Kim Kardashian, Instagram post:

kim kardashian tea with amber rose 2016 gossip

The photo proved particularly perplexing considering the events of last week, wherein Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, unloaded on Rose’s ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, after misinterpreting a tweet about “KK” (Khalifa Kush), Khalifa’s personal brand of weed, thinking he meant his wife’s initials. West took aim at everything from Khalifa’s musical talent (“corny”) to Rose (“you let a stripper trap you”) to their child together (“I own your child!!!!”). It was all terribly out of line, and he’s since apologized for the ridiculous rant—especially for dragging someone’s innocent child into the mix.

And despite all the verbal jabs lobbed by West, it was Rose who emerged victorious in the online spat courtesy of a particularly low blow: invoking West’s alleged predilection for butt play, an apparent emasculating no-no in the hip-hop community.

Sources claim that Kim was quick to call up Amber after Kanye’s Twitter rant. A source further explains, “Kim called Amber directly and squashed this beef once and for all.”

While unexpected, Kim’s efforts to mend her relationship with Amber is probably in her best interest – as Kim’s brother Rob is currently dating Amber’s best friend, Blac Chyna. Reports claim that while the rest of the Kardashian clan are livid with Rob’s new relationship, Kim isn’t bothered by Blac Chyna and is supportive of her brother as long as he continues to focus on getting healthier and back in a better place (both physically and mentally).

lady gaga david bowie tribue grammys 2016 gossipLady Gaga may have rose to fame singing bubble gum pop songs, but the songstress has continued to show she has some serious talent. Over the past few years, Gaga has been showing off her vocal chops through her collaboration with legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett. Evidently this venture has enabled Gaga to establish herself as a reputable vocalist, as it has been revealed that Gaga will be singing a tribute to the late David Bowie at the 2016 Grammys.

In a statement, Grammy’s executive producer Ken Ehrilich explained, “We had already booked Lady Gaga on this year’s show, but when David passed – almost in a single moment – we knew we had to change direction. We immediately spoke and agreed she should be the one to honor David. She’s perfect for it. So I reached out to Nile [Rodgers] and, before long, we were on our way to creating what we believe will not only make a great Grammy moment but one befitting of David.”

Here Ken refers to Nile Rodgers, who had a working relationship with Bowie for over 30 years. Their friendship blossomed when Nile helped David with his hit song “Let’s Dance” back in 1983.

Ken revealed to The New York Times that they are not planning to have Lady Gaga open up the show. However, they will be allotting six to seven minutes for her to do a mash-up of  “at least three or four of Bowie’s songs.”

You can catch Lady Gaga’s tribute to the late David Bowie when the Grammy Awards air on CBS on February 15.

lady gaga super david bowie bowl moment 2016 gossipAs if her year couldn’t get any better, onTuesday, the N.F.L. confirmed that Lady Gaga will belt out “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California—continuing the time-honored tradition of offering football non-fans a few seconds of enjoyment before several hours worth of commercial-interrupted sports.

The Super Bowl appointment rounds out the pop star’s stellar first quarter of 2016—which has included one Golden Globe, one Internet-busting meme alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, one Oscar nomination, and now one guest-star credit for America’s most-watched television event of the year.

Lady Gaga picks up the national anthem torch from Idina Menzel, who performed the anthem last year.

Sunday’s Super Bowl 50, which airs on CBS, will feature the Carolina Panthers facing off against the Denver Broncos. Coldplay will play the game’s halftime show.