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Lamar Odom Walks & Daniel Radcliffe Strips It Down For Playboy

It’s been a week since former NBA star Lamar Odom was found unconscious outside of a Vegas brothel. It is now known that the star had taken a potentially fatal mix of drugs – including herbal Viagra and cocaine.

Daniel Radcliffe’s THE GAME CHANGERS Latest Trailer Hits

BBC has released a short trailer for their upcoming movie, The Gamechangers, and it’s safe to say I am definitely anticipating the release of this movie.

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN’s Low Expectations Trailer Hits

There have been a few great horror movie trailers to be released in the last week or so, and "Victor Frankenstein" is one of them. Although this film doesn’t appear to be out and out horror, it does appear to have a dark, Gothic flare to it.

Amber Heard Dog Days & Daniel Radcliffe’s Nylon Prank: Celebrity Gossip Weekly

Daniel Radcliffe recently participated in a hidden camera prank that had him working as a secretary at the offices of Nylon Magazine in NYC. During the filming of the prank Daniel was visited by Joe Jonas, who jokingly told him he made a terrible secretary.

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