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Dallas Stars tame Minnesota Wild with 5-4 defeat

The Minnesota Wild were close to living up to their namesake, but the Dallas Stars proved to formidable taking them down 5-4 Sunday wrapping up the first-round series which took six games.

NHL Recap: Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks see series lead shrink

The Dallas Stars and the San Jose Sharks both entered Monday night with a chance to put an absolute stranglehold on their first-round series in the 2016 NHL playoffs.

Washington Capitals overrated for 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The 2016 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs will start this upcoming Wednesday. The playoffs are mainly division based for the opening two rounds, however the wild card entrants are a bit of an exception as they can cross over between divisions.

Dallas Stars and St Louis Blues down to final game

The Dallas Stars have been the front runners in the Central Division for almost the entire season. However, a loss in game 82, the last game of the season, and it could be the St. Louis Blues that take the divisional title down.

NHL Weekend Preview: Several teams under pressure

This weekend will be the second last weekend of NHL regular season action as the season will end for most teams on April 9th. While the playoff picture is really starting to take shape in the Western Conference in terms of who is in and who is out

NHL Recap: Florida Panthers & Dallas Stars in tight races

There are only a few short weeks left in the NHL's regular season as teams have between 9 and 13 games left in their schedules. Three of the four divisional races are still unsettled with Washington the only team that has basically locked up their title.

Dallas Stars vs New York Rangers 2016

Tuesday night will be an active night in the NHL this week. In one interesting game, the Dallas Stars will be in New York to take on the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

5 NHL Questions for After the Christmas Break

The NHL is in the midst of a four-game hiatus, with teams having played about 35 games. That leaves a little more than half of the regular season still ahead and a lot of questions unanswered.

NHL Recap & Dallas Stars vs Sabres Preview

The Dallas Stars, following a surprising start to the 2015/16 NHL season, have emerged as one of the toughest teams to notch a point in the standings against.

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