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Beyonce baby advice and Dakota Fanning’s ‘Fifty Shades’ of learning

Drawing from her own experience, singer Celine Dion is offering some helpful advice to Beyonce, who will soon be a mother of twins like Celine is. While Beyonce is still in the midst of her pregnancy

Thomas Gibson fired from ‘Criminal Minds’ for kicking and Sia gets Celine Dion love

The "Criminal Minds" altercation that got Thomas Gibson fired from the veteran CBS procedural drama was kicking a writer on-set. This came just one day after he was suspended from the first two episodes of the new season because of problems.

Heroes & Zeros: Celine Dion & Jimmy Kimmel

This week’s hero is a singer hit with great tragedy, and the zero is a nighttime talk show host who just doesn’t live up to the hype.

Christian Bale not up for another body transformation & Celine Dion’s tragic week

There have been countless occasions where actors underwent drastic physical transformations in order to embrace a movie character. From Jared Leto in Chapter 27 (where he gained 67 pounds) to Chris Hemsworth in In the Heart of the Sea (where he lost 40 pounds)

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