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My Bill Cosby Experience

I have kept quiet on the Bill Cosby situation which is rather unusual for me. I did this in part, because of how I view the media. I find it very hard to trust that what they tell me is true

Bill Cosby’s Manager Wife not exempt from deposition

2016 looks to continue raining down as hard on Bill Cosby as 2015 did, legally speaking that is. As hard as he and his manager wife Camille Cosby tried to shield her from having to give a deposition, the clock has run out and she is now required to do so on Wednesday.

The betrayal of Bill Cosby

This year has been a rollercoaster ride in every way possible, but one of the biggest stomach turners was when we realized that "America's Dad" was just as bad, if not worse, as the young men he lambasted in his speech's.

Bill Cosby Arrested, Now Out On Bail

Bill Cosby may have gone on the attack suing Beverly Johnson last week, but that didn't stop the troubled comedian from being arrested on a felony sexual assault charge — facing the first criminal charge against him after a series of rape accusations began mounting last year, Wednesday.

Matthew Knowles Dismisses Beyonce Destiny Child Lawsuit & More Miss Universe Drama

The Miss Universe drama continues, Bill Cosby gets defensive with Beverly Johnson and Beyonce's dad doesn't think his daughter is trying to steal Destiny Child away from him.

Bill Cosby Strikes Back One Accuser At A Time

Rather than publicly deal with all the accusations of rape, Bill Cosby is going on the defensive and suing one, Beverly Johnson, one of the many women who has accused the once funny man of abuse.

Bill Cosby Talks Rape Or Around It At Least

Bill Cosby finally broke his silence on the sexual assault allegations out there about him and his answers are actually right on point with what most people were expecting. Not once does he admit to the allegation or deny them.

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