Matthew Knowles Dismisses Beyonce Destiny Child Lawsuit & More Miss Universe Drama

matthew knowles dismisses beyonce destiny child lawsuit 2015 gossip

The Miss Universe drama continues, Bill Cosby gets defensive with Beverly Johnson and Beyonce‘s dad doesn’t think his daughter is trying to steal Destiny Child away from him.

miss germany disses miss universe winner 2015 gossipMiss Germany Disses the Real Miss Universe Winner

And the gloves are off. The biggest news story of the day, Steve Harvey crowning the wrong woman during last night’s Miss Universe pageant, shows no sign of losing steam anytime soon. But now to add insult to injury, Miss Germany, who competed in the competition, says that Miss Columbia is the one who deserved to win.

Sarah-Lorraine Riek was super unhappy when Steve Harvey corrected his mistake and crowned Pia Alonzo Wurzbach as Miss Universe after initially crowning Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo.

“I really couldn’t believe it; I was so upset. For me (she was robbed) as the real winner…I was very happy for Miss Colombia because she really deserved it. I’m really not happy with the result and so are the other girls, I’m sorry to say it.”

She goes on further to say that no one voted for Miss Philippines, speaking about the other contestants I assume but the real question, for me, is why the shade? I mean, this is MAJOR shade and then to speak for the rest of the girls in the competition by saying that they feel the same way too is messy, messy, messy. Plus, isn’t the pageant about empowering women and supporting one another. I don’t get any of that from her comments.

Of course fans of the rightful winner (and of class in general) have called Miss Germany out for her negative comments. Many have called her unprofessional, and I’m going to throw in there my opinion, a little jealous. People have taken to Twitter to check the beauty queen.

#MissGermany you’re so pathetic, so competitive yet you went home with nothing. I pity you girl. Unlucky forever. Hahaha, #MissUniverse2015.” – @urzielove

“Ms. USA can you please teach Miss Germany some manners and especially the word SPORTMANSHIP.”  -@Lorraineskieee

I think her reaction is telling to what really goes on behind the scenes of these beauty competitions.

bill cosby sues beverly johnson 2015 gossipBill Cosby Files Defamation Suit against Beverly Johnson

The first hit from Cosby is in and Beverly Johnson it’s recipient. His lawyers have filed a defamation lawsuit against the model who claims to have been almost sexually assaulted by the comedian some years ago back in the 1980’s.

According to Cosby’s lawsuit Johnson’s “false allegations against Mr. Cosby have been the centerpiece of her attempted resurgence, and she has played them to the hilt, repeatedly and maliciously publishing the false accusations in articles, interviews, and television appearances.”

He is seeking unspecified damages as well as an injunction that prevents Johnson from telling the story in which she claims he drugged her in his New York home. Cosby’s claims in the lawsuit that the dinner that Johnson refers to was attended by his wife.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of counterclaims Cosby filed in a Massachusetts court against the other women whom he says have defamed his reputation. The countersuit claims the women made, “malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations” of sexual misconduct against him that are “nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to extract financial gain from him.”

Renita Hill, a woman who maintains to have been drugged and taken advantage of sexually by Cosby, is one of the accused named in the countersuit. Her lawyer, George Kontos, said in an email to Page Six,

“None of what’s in Cosby’s motion is of any surprise at all. These are the legal arguments we expected of him… “Renita’s claims are viable both from a factual and legal standpoint, and we look forward to setting forth our position in the brief we will be filing with the court.”

No doubt this will continue to be a long drawn out process.

Matthew Knowles Dismisses Beyonce Destiny Child Lawsuit 2015 gossipMatthew Knowles Dismisses Lawsuit Brought Against Him By His Daughter

You can’t have it all right? I mean, Beyoncé has everything… except a healthy relationship with her father? Well, that is what’s going around the rumor mill, and apparently, she is suing him for the rights to Destiny Child?

But if you ask Matthew, he will tell you something just a little different.

“These dangerous rumors defame my family name. They have no validity and hold no merit. They’re founded by rumor mills who like to kick up sales, especially during the holidays. There are many other important topics needing America’s attention.”

I feel you on that Matthew because there truly are. Nonetheless, that does take away from the fact that it’s an interesting story. I mean, your daughter is only the most influential entertainer alive right now.

In Touch Weekly first reported that Bey is preparing to sue her daddy so that when she and her girls (Kelly and Michelle) go on tour, Matthew won’t profit from it.

Now that seems kind of fishy to me, and I refused to believe that Queen Bey would do the man who helped make her (literally) like that.