‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ 609 Busted BBQ & Lisa Vanderpump Sex Shop Tour

real housewives of beverly hills 609 busted bbq lisa vanderpump sex tour 2016 images

In tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Busted BBQ,” Kyle throws a party for her friends that unites some people who don’t necessarily want to be united.

The episode kicks off with Ken and Lisa V., who forces their little dog Giggy to join them as they tour a sex shop. However, this isn’t as bad as it sounds, as it is soon revealed that the reason for their visit is to scope out the premise. Ken actually has already taken up the lease on the property, with the intent of turning it into an English tavern. Of course, Lisa can’t help but get distracted by all of the sex shop’s products, including a vibrating pink rubber duck.

Over on the other side of the city viewers finally get a chance to learn about the newest housewife, model Kathryn Edwards (who I had no idea was intended to be a regular cast member this season up until now). Kathryn is seen jewelry shopping with her former NBA-playing husband Donnie. She explains that while she grew up in the Midwest, she is very much in tune with the luxurious, “comfortable” life of a Beverly Hills housewife.

Meanwhile, Eileen is jetting off to Italy for a family vacation. Here, she is planning to spread her late sister’s ashes – which is obviously an emotional step in her healing process. Shortly after she is seen in Italy starting the process of spreading the ashes in various locations. Once again, Eileen attempts to show some real, genuine emotion to viewers. However, I think her decades on soap operas has made it hard not to assume what she is expressing was not pre-formulated in her head.

Later on, Lisa Rinna has a nice lunch with Kathryn. The two ladies begin discussing all of the cosmetic procedures they have had done. Lisa admits that she has “tried to get it all out” when it comes to her infamously plump lips. Kathryn is also no stranger to the game, as she explains she has no shame in getting fillers and lip injections whenever they are “needed.”

The big event of this week’s episode is, of course, Kyle’s backyard BBQ. All of the ladies show up to the gathering, including underlying enemies Faye and Kathryn. Also, both Yolanda and Lisa R. are attending the event and have some unresolved issues between the two of them.

By the way, both Yolanda and Erika rightfully point out that you can’t really call something a barbeque when there are only fancy appetizers and not actually anything being barbequed. Fortunately, Kyle agrees and explains in confession, “I am going to stop using the word barbeque.”

Before Lisa R. and Yolanda can get into any of the gritty tension between them, Yolanda leaves the party early. However, Lisa does ensure to tell Yolanda they have to get together to talk, which will most likely be seen in an upcoming episode (Note: turns out we will see it in next week’s episode!).

After the women all make awkward small talk with one another, they proceed to sit down. Of course, Faye sits right across from Kathryn. For those of you who didn’t catch last week’s episode, Faye wrote a book about Kathryn’s ex-husband, whom Faye believes had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson (the victim of one of O.J. Simpson’s alleged crimes). Thus, Faye and Kathryn are not too fond of each other to say the least.

However, Faye and Kathryn can’t really get into things before the ladies turn the conversation to Yolanda (for the billionth time this season). Kyle brings up the fact that Yolanda claimed her kids Anwar and Bella also suffer from Lyme’s disease. Lisa V. explains that she has talked to their father Mohamed, and he claims that neither of the kids suffers from the condition – which raises some eyebrows around the table. Erika, being one of the more loyal ladies in the group, does not engage in the speculation and admits in confessional that she doesn’t understand how the ladies could still be claiming that the once-vibrant Yolanda is choosing to live her life in a bed and bathrobe all day.

real housewives of beverly hills 609 busted bbq lisa vanderpump sex tour 2016 images

The episode ends off with the moderate fireworks show Kathryn vs. Faye. While Faye momentarily leaves from the table, Kathryn begins spilling all about her beef with Faye. Kathryn explains that she is still furious that Faye wrote about her in her book about the O.J. Simpson trial.

Right when Faye returns, Kathryn jumps right to it and “addresses the elephant in the room.” While Kathryn is all fired up, in typical Faye-fashion Faye simply stares blankly at her as if she has no idea what Kathryn is all wound up about.

Kathryn basically rambles on in circles, while Faye just shuts her down. Afterwards, Faye makes Kathryn the bad guy as she states that she didn’t feel this particular subject matter was suited for a dinner party and should be talked about in private if needed. Then, “BBQ” host Kyle tries to diffuse the palpable tension at the table by randomly stating that Faye is the best friend a girl could ask for – which is clearly not what was going through Kathryn’s mind at that moment.

You can catch the next episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tuesday, February 2 on Bravo.

Next Week The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

Lisa V. and Kyle join forces to throw a burlesque-themed party. However, Lisa isn’t all too pleased with Kyle’s decision to invite Faye once again to the gathering. In addition, Lisa R. finally comes clean about her skepticism to Yolanda.