‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ 614 Kim Richards proves Not Easy To Love

In the “Not Easy to Love” episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda decides to host a dinner party. Erika finds out that Kathryn told Lisa V. all about their private conversation. Meanwhile, Kim Richards makes her return as she finally comes face-to-face with her sister Kyle.

After a little glimpse into Lisa R. prepping her daughter for tonsil removal, we are presented with Yolanda and her (now former) husband David. Although the two of them used to constantly entertain they haven’t been able to do so since Yolanda fell ill. Therefore they are evidently excited as they prepare to act as hosts once again at their dinner party, which they are holding at a local restaurant.

The night of the dinner party quickly approaches and all of the ladies head over to Wally’s (the restaurant where it is being held). Kathryn and Erika are the first to arrive and they start discussing Kathryn’s visit to Lisa V.’s house. Kathryn once again shows her two-sidedness as she gushes that Lisa V. was just acting as “Switzerland” the whole time and not getting her hands dirty like the rest of the women. However, she does not talk about the fact that she told Lisa V. that Erika had called her manipulative.

Conveniently enough, Lisa Vanderpump pulls Erika aside later in the night and straight up asks her why she warned Kathryn to not get “tangled in [her] web.” Erika, who is usually on the ball and knows just what to say, is noticeably taken back. She embellishes her past conversation with Kathryn and tells Lisa V. that she meant that she thought she was “influential.” Not surprisingly Lisa V. doesn’t take this obvious cover-up too well, but confident Erika simply brushes Lisa V. to the side instead of making a big deal out of the whole confrontation (if only the other housewives were more like Erika!)

Deservingly so, Erika proceeds to confront Kathryn. Erika questions why Kathryn would go around telling the other women everything she said in confidence to her, even after she promised to be a loyal friend. Kathryn tells Erika that she didn’t think what she said was secretive, which finally allows Erika to clue in that Kathryn isn’t the loyal =friend that she has been looking for (and that Kathryn claimed to be).

Breaking up all of the drama that is stirred up throughout the night, Yolanda’s man David Foster introduces legendary singer Andrea Botticelli. Andrea then gives a intimate private performance to the ten guests. During this, Kyle gets emotional as he ends up singing one of her mother’s favorite songs. She takes this as a sign from her mom that she needs to reconnect with her sister, Kim.

Later in the episode Kyle reveals that she went to her sister’s birthday dinner a short while after Yolanda’s dinner party.  Kyle claims that Kim looked beautiful when she saw her and looked like “her old self” again.

Meanwhile, Yolanda, Erika and Eileen Davidson meet up for a lunch date. They begin discussing Kathryn’s betrayal, in which she blabbed to Lisa V. every that Erika had said to her. Erika admits that she finds Kathryn “hard to deal with” after all of what went down. Yolanda Foster adds in her own two cents and expresses her disapproval of Kathryn’s gossiping. In confessional she states “I think Kathryn burned some bridges right there and then.” Ironically enough Eileen proceeds to gossip about Lisa R.’s reaction to Kathryn telling her about what Erika said. Eileen explains, “[Lisa R.]’s reaction to the comment [about Lisa V. being manipulative and thinking she can control people] was over the top.” However, the ladies agree that it is simply Lisa R.’s lack of depth that is causing her to miss Lisa V.’s highly thought-out (aka manipulative) behavior.

The episode ends off with Kim Richard’s big return to Real Housewives. Kim visits Kyle’s house, where Kyle is noticeably more standoffish than Kim. In confessional Kyle admits that it is harder for her to just forgive and forget all of the past issues – which seems to be exactly what Kim wants to do.

Kim and Kyle get into a discussion about fellow former Housewife Brandi Glanville. Kyle asks Kim why Brandi feels the need to tweet every time they are together. In Kyle’s mind this is simply Brandi’s way of trying to get between her and her sister (which is most likely the case). The conversation soon turns a lot more serious as the sister’s try to talk some of their problems through. They both break down as they realize that every time they fight they go longer and longer without speaking to one another. Fortunately both sisters have come to realize that they really need to work on their issues amongst themselves and not involve the other women (who always find a way to make things worse). In the end Kyle admits that she really feels that Kim’s addiction issue is the root of the problem. They end up hugging it out and promise each other that they are going to try their best to get their relationship back to a good, healthy place.

You can catch more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when it airs on Tuesday, March 8 on Bravo.

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