NFL Winners & Losers Week 3 2015

nfl winners losers week 3 2015 images julio jones

nfl winners losers week 3 2015 images julio jonesWeek three in the NFL saw some good games early, but three lopsided games in the afternoon. The SNF game was more competitive with Denver relying on their defense once again for a win, handing Detroit their third loss of the young season.

My Falcons came back from the dead to shock Cowboys fans who likely got really drunk at halftime to celebrate the greatness of their run game and Brandon Weeden.

Kam Chancellor made his 2015 debut after a wasted holdout.

Tom Brady added more accolades to his brilliant career. Why even keep stats on Brady? It would be simpler if we only tracked his numbers in the Super Bowl appearances, which are close to half of an NFL season at this point.

It was another great Sunday of NFL balling. Here’s a look at the most notable winners and losers.

NFL Grown Man of the week: Julio Jones has 34 catches in just three games. That’s a record if you are into that kind of thing. Jones is being fed the ball like crazy, which is what should happen when the best wide out in the game is on your roster. Best in the game, just as I said in the preseason.

NFL Child of the Week: Hopefully Kam Chancellor never sees this post. He’s got a mean disposition. Don’t these guys who hold out have any pride at all? Every single one of them eventually caves after their holdout fails to work. NFL players need their paychecks just like the average guy working a blue collar job. Kam didn’t come back to save his 0-2 Seahawks. He came back to pay his bills.

Winner: Tom Brady is more about winning than he is about numbers. However, getting to 400 TD throws is a nice stat to have under your belt, even if you are Tom Brady, he of four Super Bowl wins.

Loser: Teddy Bridgewater. I tried to go against the grain with Teddy in a big money tournament on DraftKings to beat the odds with an outlier. He had an ownership rate of .3%. That is a little too contrarian to work apparently. Teddy looked good in the preseason and in week one, but has slipped the past two weeks.

Winner: Le’Veon Bell picked up right where he left off last year. He only managed 62 yards rushing, but added 70 as a receiver. Kid is one of the top three most dangerous offensive players in the NFL.

Loser: Big Ben is out for at least four weeks after spraining his knee. Mike Vick takes over a high powered offense and lucky for him Le’Veon Bell is back after his suspension.

Winner: Devonta Freeman took advantage of his opportunity against Dallas on Sunday. He had been an afterthought early this year with Tevin Coleman running so well, but Freeman went off for three scores, 141 yards rushing, and added 52 receiving yards for Atlanta.

Loser: Chicago may be the worst team in the NFL with Jay Cutler healthy. Without him, they are absolutely the worst and now sit at 0-3.

Winner: Why is Steve Smith retiring? The old man is the best (only) weapon Baltimore has this year and is a weekly highlight reel. He could start for any team in the NFL and make an impact at least one more year after 2015.

Loser: The Miami Dolphins look really bad and their only win is over the Redskins. This team was supposed to compete with New England for the AFC East with an improved defense. Looks like the Bills and the Jets will have to challenge New England and that went badly for Buffalo last week.

Winner: Andy Dalton had a big day with four touchdowns and his #1 receiver AJ Green went off as well. These two are a lethal combo and with the Bengals defense it’s hard to imagine this team not going deep into the playoffs. We have thought that before however.

Loser: Marshawn Lynch left the Bears game with a hamstring injury and did not return. It doesn’t look like Lynch will be out an extended amount of time according to Pete Carroll so that’s good news for Seattle fans. Lynch last missed a game in 2011.

Winner: Brandon Weeden had a big first half for Dallas as he filled in for Tony Romo. He completed his first nine passes and led his team to 28 first half points.

Loser: Brandon Weeden. Had the Boys won this game, all the talk would have been about how Weeden stepped up when his team needed him. In the loss we can see how Weeden’s stats didn’t really help his team in the second half, in which the Dallas offense was shut out. Most of his passes were short dump offs to backs to make sure he didn’t turn the ball over. His one turnover was a costly one that set the Falcons up for a quick score in the first half that kept the game close.

Winner: Adrian Peterson is just as good as he was before being suspended for the spanking incident. He rambled for 126 yards in a beat down of San Diego.

Loser: Colin Kaperknick is not a good NFL quarterback. He may go off for a huge game here and there as the season develops, but as a passer he is below average. Being a good fantasy QB because of his legs will not help San Francisco in the win column this year. He threw four picks against Arizona, two of which were returned for TDs.

Winner: Tyler Lockett is going to be the bright spot on special teams in the League for 2015. Kid has crazy speed and a knack for not getting touched on kick returns, he torched Chicago for a 105 yard TDon Sunday. Not bad for a rookie.

Loser: Detroit dropped to 0-3, making their playoff hopes almost nonexistent. Only five teams have made the playoffs in NFL history after an 0-3 start and I would not bet on Detroit making it six.