NFL Winners and Losers Week 13: Eric Berry is big winner

NFL Winners and Losers Week 13 eric berry is big winner 2016 images

NFL Winners and Losers Week 13: Eric Berry is big winner 2016 images

Losing is infectious and so is winning. The symptoms are just more obvious with those infected with the losing virus. Week 13 in the NFL showed us that clearly.

Let’s jump in with both feet, tight roping the sideline of playoff hopes, to see the winners and losers of week 13.

NFL Grown Man of the Week: You know the last time Eric Berry was in his hometown of Atlanta? Back when he was receiving chemo treatment for cancer. His first trip back since then was yesterday.

And what a homecoming it was. The warrior basically ripped the victory from the hands of Matt Ryan and company. Never have I seen a game swing so quickly. The Birds go up with a nice score only to give up the lead literally seconds later on the 2-point try.

Berry had already kept K.C. in the game with a late 1st half pick-6.

On this 2-point try, with ATL up by 1, Berry snatched the ball and the life out of the Georgia Dome as he raced 99 yards for 2 points to retake the lead.

Just an incredible performance by a grown man who refused to lay down to cancer and came back to the game of football better than ever.

Hate to see my Falcons lose, but damn what a game.

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Loser: Matt Ryan. He gave this game away. The Falcons defense was not great, but they only gave up 20 points. Ryan gave up 8 points on interceptions.

Winner: Shady McCoy is a top 5 offensive player, but still can’t get Buffalo over the hump. Gaining nearly 200 total yards should get a team the win. Not with the Bills, who dropped to 6-6 after going down to Oakland.

Loser: The Saints could have climbed back into the playoff chase, but fell 28-13 to a good Detroit team. Still, the NFC South could be won by anyone at this point. #Inconsistent

Winner: Khalil Mack was in beast mode again as he helped propel his Raiders to 10-2. This guy could be the difference if it comes down to Oakland versus New England in late January.

Loser: Miami is no good in December. Their 6-game winning streak came to a sudden stop. They were trounced 38-6 by Baltimore who is on the rise.

Winner: Needed a big fantasy game late in your season to make the playoffs? Jordan Howard was a great back to use. Playing the Niners’ lowly defense helped. He racked 3 rushing TDs and 117 yards.

Loser: If Eli Manning ever makes it back to a Super Bowl, that would be considered a miracle. He has had his day in the sun, and even with one of the best WR in the game, Manning is mediocre.

Winner: Vontaze Burfict is a terror on the defensive side of the ball. As long as he keeps himself in check (hard to do), he can swing a game on his own. Is 15 tackles and 2 picks any good? Damn!

Loser: Carolina was embarrassed by the Seahawks 40-7. Seattle showed the Panthers the real NFC powerhouse. The Panthers were a flash in the pan last year, while Seattle is in the hunt every year.

Winner: Travis Kelce had a career day in the ATL. He averaged 17.5 yards a catch as he had his way with a flimsy Falcons defense.

Loser: Philip Rivers can rack some fantasy points, but he can wreck his team’s chances at close games too. Throwing 2 backbreaking interceptions was the difference versus Tampa.

Winner: The Bucs are now tied with Atlanta for the NFC South lead. They split their season series, so the last 4 games are crucial for each team.

Loser: Breaking your leg will make you want to retire right away. That was the vibe put off by Earl Thomas III after his injury on SNF. He’s been one of the best defensive players since entering the League in 2010. It’s unlikely he would hang it up at such a young age, though.

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Winner: Tom Brady passed Peyton Manning for career wins as the Patriots made short work of the Rams. He now has 201 wins.

Loser: On the other side of the field, rookie Jared Goff went 14/32 for just 161 yards. That stat line looks like a high school passer’s numbers. It’s clear why Jeff Fisher waited so long to start him.

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Loser: Odell Beckham can’t get out of his own way when talking to the media. If a ref did tell the Giants wideout to “get out of his face,” good. ODB should listen to that advice. Play the game and quit crying.