NFL Week 10 Indepth Recap – Browns Gets Biggest Win In Years

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In a league that has become pass first, it was nice to see some rushing game this weekend. Teams like the Indianapolis Colts could certainly use a little bit of running every once in a while. Never mind that, here’s a recap of Week 10 in the NFL:

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Cleveland Browns 24 at Cincinnati Bengals 3: This is arguably the biggest win the Browns franchise has seen in years. Sure, they pulled off the upset against the Saints and crushed the Steelers, but both of those games were played in Cleveland. A big part of this win was Andy Dalton and his inability to show up in big games. Dalton finished 10 of 33. That’s right, 10 of 33. 86 yards and three picks. The Bengals will never win with him at quarterback.

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Jacksonville Jaguars 17 at Dallas Cowboys 31: Maybe Goodell is trying to ship the Jaguars off to London, because there is no other reason to have them play over there every year. This game was over as soon as Dez Bryant stepped on the field. Two touchdowns from Dez almost outscored the entire Jaguars team. Please stop scheduling the Jags in London, even they don’t want to see that.

Miami Dolphins 16 at Detroit Lions 20: Calvin Johnson returned in spectacular fashion in this one. Brent Grimes did an outstanding job on coverage, but Johnson still had 113 yards and a touchdown. The Dolphins nearly won this game anyways because the Lions tried to lose. They ran two fake punts in this game. The first one worked beautifully, but you aren’t going to trick them twice in the same game. A blocked Lions field goal led to an easy touchdown for Ryan Tannehill, and Johnson had two dropped touchdowns in his first game back. In the end, Matthew Stafford found Theo Riddick for the winning score.

Buffalo Bills 13 at Kansas City Chiefs 17: The Bills really killed themselves in this game. Bryce Brown’s fumble out the back of the end zone really blew the game for Buffalo, but multiple Kyle Orton incompletions that should have been touchdowns preceded that. Alex Smith didn’t look great; but in his defense, the Chiefs offensive line did absolutely nothing against the Bills tough front.

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San Francisco 49ers 27 at New Orleans Saints 24: The 49ers finally played like they have been for the past four seasons. This was without a doubt the Niners best game of the season; however, they had a lot of help from Drew Brees who didn’t play like himself at all. Brees had two interceptions that he tried to force into triple coverage, and he looked horrible in the two minute drill. Jimmy Graham really saved the day for the Saints; and he won the game for the Saints on the last play, but the Niners defender flopped and got the call.

tennessee titans versus baltimore ravens images 2014

Tennessee Titans 7 at Baltimore Ravens 21: If you’re a Ravens fan then this small victory of the Titans should worry you. The Titans should have actually been up 14-0 at one point, but Shonn Green fumbled on the goal line. In the second half, the Ravens made the key adjustment that won them the game—keep the ball out of Joe Flacco’s hands. Justin Forsett had 92 yards after halftime as well as two touchdowns.

Pittsburgh Steelers 13 at New York Jets 20: Maybe Ben Roethlisberger got cocky. His one touchdown in this game came with less than two minutes left in the game. Big Ben was no match for the Jets defense. Antonio Brown had two fumbles. It just wasn’t the Steelers day, and the Jets earned their second victory of the season.

Atlanta Falcons 27 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17: Does anyone really care about this game? Neither of these teams has nor will do anything this season. Josh McCown is the starter again in Tampa, and he did all right. 301 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions wasn’t what the Bucs needed to win but whatever. The problem for the Bucs was the inability to run the ball. In fact, McCown led the team in rushing with 39 yards.

Denver Broncos 41 at Oakland Raiders 17: The Raiders actually started out really well. Poor offensive line play by the Broncos led to multiple passes being batted down and two interceptions off tips. But then Peyton Manning started playing, and of course the Raiders couldn’t keep up. Manning threw five touchdowns in less than two quarters worth of time. The Broncos defense also looked competent against the Raiders, so maybe there still is hope for the future.

St. Louis Rams 14 at Arizona Cardinals 31: Carson Palmer tore his ACL in this game, and although the Cardinals were better without him this weekend, that will not be the case down the road. The Cardinals really won this game with defense. The Rams defense proved too much for any Cardinals quarterback, but Drew Stanton looked good in his little bit of playing time. The Cardinals are 8-1, but without Palmer winning down the stretch may be out of reach.

New York Giants 17 at Seattle Seahawks 38: This game was a lot closer than the final score, mainly because Russell Wilson can’t throw. But in this game, he didn’t need to. The Seahawks won this game completely off defense and the run game. The Hawks rushed for 350 total yards, led by 140 from Marshawn Lynch including four touchdowns. Poor Eli didn’t have a chance.

Chicago Bears 14 at Green Bay Packers 55: After giving up six touchdowns to Aaron Rodgers in the first half the Bears have been demoted to college football. Or at least they need to be. That’s really the only important stat from this game, because nothing after halftime matter. For the record, the Packers are not that good and Rodgers is certainly not that good—the Bears are just that bad.

Carolina Panthers 21 at Philadelphia Eagles 45: I truly believe Mark Sanchez is the best option for the Eagles. Nick Foles has been overrated since he stepped up for the injured Michael Vick last season. Sanchez was always great in New York until he let it go to his head. After that the butt-fumble happened and his career seemed to be over. Well, Sanchez dominated the Panthers last night. Sanchez had some issues throughout the game; but he finished with 332 yards and two touchdowns, undoubtedly better than anything Foles would have done.

And for all you Mark Sanchez fans, here’s one of his more revealing funny vids he let slip out with him dancing half naked with a couple of women celebrating. Enjoy and be back next week with our Week 11 recap.

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