Movie TV Tech Geeks Top 10 Best Films of 2016: Curvy Girl Diva’s List

top 10 best films of 2016 2016 images

Movie TV Tech Geeks Top 10 Best Films of 2016: Curvy Girl Diva's List images

Hollywood is a place where magic is made. However, too many critics and moviegoers alike agree that for the last few years, the famous city has placed the need to make a buck over creating quality material. That, in turn, has provided for some pretty crappy films. Nonetheless, despite the less than ideal pick of movies Tinseltown has cranked out lately, there have been some good to great films that emerged from the crop of duds we’ve seen the past 12 months.

Here are my top-ten for the best ones of 2016.

arrival movie


This truly is a great film. The concept is amazing and intriguing and it is something that makes you think. Arrival tells a harrowing love story while telling a totally different narrative about extraterrestrials. It is probably in my top three of the best this year. Amy Adams is stellar as the lead character. My full review here for Arrival.

lights out movie

Lights Out

This was a satisfyingly scary film, which is refreshing being that most horror movies today are garbage. Lights Out is smart and funny and all that intertwines with a story that is both real and sad. It’s a worthwhile movie and one of the standouts from the year. It was also done mostly independently which speaks to the power of the independent filmmaker these days. You can check out my review of it here.

deadpool movie


When it comes to big budget movies, most of the time they deliver exactly what is expected of them- a big return. Sometimes, what they gross at the box-office doesn’t match the actual content but that’s not the case for Deadpool. The Marvel Comics hero is one of the best adaptions to date. It’s funny, it’s witty and it’s worth the hype. Also, Ryan Reynolds any day of the week is okay with me. Full review here of Deapool along with Shanka’s.

10 cloverfield lane movie

10 Cloverfield Lane

The alien invasion catastrophic event concept is one of the oldest in the book. But 10 Cloverfield Lane is a different look at what goes on in that kind of dire situation. The journey that the female protagonist takes is one that explores all the emotions that go along with getting in car crash and waking up in an unground bunker without memory of how you got there. Add to it the fact that everything you know and love is more than likely gone and the man that “saved you” has his own suspicious ways, and you have one crazy story. Here’s what we wrote about it when it came out at the theaters.

Bad Moms

Moms everywhere know what it means to have a life that is somewhat chaotic and solely focused on their kids. Bad Moms explores what happens when the head women in charge say and do what they really feel. It’s funny, it’s entertaining and hey, it could happen.

christine movie 2016


If you don’t know the story of Christine Chubbuck, this movie details her life in a poignant way. The 1970’s TV reporter is famous for committing suicide on live television. But Christine does more than just give the gory details. It chronicles her fight with depression as well as her professional struggles. It could be triggering but if you are good mentally, it’s one to see.

southbound movie


What a suspense ride Southbound is. It is a worthwhile suspense film that will keep you guessing and have your cringing the entire time. The stories intertwine for a twist at the end that will leave you totally surprised. It’s a great independent horror movie.

moonlight movie


This movie is a masterpiece and serves as another work in my top three for the year. From the story, to the portrayals to the cinematography, Moonlight is an exceptional look at the real issues a lot of LBGT men are facing. More people need to see it.

hardcore henry movie

Hardcore Henry

I don’t think there was a film this year that gave me more of a thrill than Hardcore Henry. Telling the story from first person shooter mode, it takes you on the journey as the characters. It’s exciting and keeps your interest pretty much the whole film. Here’s my full review of it.

hush movie 2016


If you want to up the ante in a horror film, make the lead a deaf woman who lives in a secluded part of the woods in a big beautiful house alone. Hush is one of those movies that have you on the edge of your seat. It’s smart and uses elements of our everyday lives to make the story all the more real. And it’s right on Netflix.

Being the best is a combination of many things. But when you have something special and good, you feel it. That rings true for the films on this list for sure.