‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 501 Of Karen Kings and Queens and Games

love & hip hop atlanta 501 of kings and queens and games 2016 iamgtes

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is back. The season premiere opens up with the introduction of Karen King (KK) and the King family. They apparently are very well known in Atlanta. Since KK’s rapper nephew, Dolla, was killed a few years ago, she and her sons Sas and Scrapp along with his girlfriend Tommi, attend a tribute for him. At this tribute, we find out that Karlie’s shop has expanded to LA, Rasheeda and Kirk are doing very well and Tammy, Waka Flocka’s wife, is back on the show.

It seems that KK is a central figure this season and one of her storylines revolve around family mess. She tells Tommi that she’s pretty sure Scrapp is creeping with his baby momma (BM), Tierra. KK, of course, let’s her know this because she can’t stand his BM and she is rooting or Tommi and her son.

love & hip hop atlanta 501 of karen kings and  queens and games 2016 iamges

To get to the bottom of this “rumor,” Tommi visits the club where Tierra works. She invites Karlie, who invites Jessica Dime (yes she is back) and the three get to know each other. While they wait for their waitress, Tommi reveals that she was in LA spending time with Stevie J (he’s Scrapp’s “uncle”) and confesses that she really likes Joseline. Dime and Karlie both share their disdain for the Puerto Rican Princess, telling her she’s fake.

Tierra miraculously is the waitress for their table, and Tommi doesn’t let her know who she is (how does she not know who she is). They order drinks, and when Tierra goes to put in their order, Tommi lets the girls in on her plan. While messy ass Karlie Redd is all for it, Jessica is not, but she keeps her hesitation to herself. When Tierra comes back with their drinks, Karlie invites her to a party. Hmm, I wonder how this is going to end.

Later, we see Tierra at home, and the bitch has four kids. I am sure by four different men because, you know, that just seems like her MO. Scrapp is there watching her children (even though only one is his) and they are clearly still fucking. They sit and chat, and she tells him that she met three women at the club. When she tells him their names, he silently loses his shit. He quickly leaves her apartment to find out what happened.

When he arrives at Tommi’s, she’s dressed in lingerie. He doesn’t get distracted and confronts her about the run in with Tierra. She plays it off like Karlie is the one who invited her and that’s how they met, but he doesn’t believe her. She asks if they are still screwing, and he skirts around the question. Tommi tells him that if he doesn’t tell his BM who she is, then she will. He says he’ll tell her, but when he’s ready.

Meanwhile, Scrappy is single and ready to mingle (so is Jock). He shares with this mother, Momma Dee, his disappointment with Rasheeda and Kirk for not coming through for him in court during his child support drama with Erica Dixon. Of course, she is on the case and pays a visit to Rasheeda’s Pressed store to have a conversation with the rapper. Only thing don’t go so well, and it ends in a screaming match. Shirleen, Rasheeda’s mother, tells her to “Get the hell out.” She does, but not before building a nest in the middle of Rasheeda’s store (Yes the woman pulls out little branches). What is the nest for you ask? Because Shirleen gave birth to a rotten egg. All Rasheeda can do is laugh. Wow.

Mimi is back with a “new boo” and surprise; it’s a woman. Her name is Chris and from what I can see, she is head over heels in love. No one knows that she is in a relationship with a female but according to Mimi, “all of that is about to change. “ So what does this trick do? She throws an all-white birthday party for Chris. Needless to say, it’s not a good look. And this is why I say that.

She would not have this “show and tell” if Chris were a man and because of that, it comes off as a mockery of her relationship. I mean walking out with two hunky men and Chris, having them all stand together, then saying “Chris come here?” I just can’t with Mimi. She has to do something to get attention, be relevant and stay on the show. But, like bitch how was the sex tape, you vehemently denied, not enough attention? As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, Nikko did give her storyline last season. She has solidified herself as a total loser. The really sad thing about it is that Chris looks like a total sweetie. It’s unfortunate that she is being used just so Mimi can be relevant, which she’s not. Sigh… but I digress.

In the end, Tierra shows up to the party and Jessica Dime is not feeling the situation, knowing the circumstances of her invite. While she tries to make Tierra comfortable, Karlie and Tommi are thrilled that their plan is unfolding as expected.

There were a lot of games this week. If the season premiere is any indication of the rest of the episodes, it’s going to be a long, tedious season.