LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA 463: I Do I Don’t Recap

love hip hop atlanta 463 joseline recap i do friend 2015

love hip hop atlanta 463 joseline recap i do friend 2015So here we are again with the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” crew, and I must say, this is one of the better ATL seasons.

It picked right back up where it left off last week with no talent having Jessica Dime and not really worth it Margo performing, which was as expected- lackluster. And of course Mimi had something to say as she should.  After the show, she congratulates them but Stevie J is not as nice. Wanting to take up for Mimi, he tells Dime that she’s wrong (and that nobody wants to work with her) and Jessica Dime goes in on him. She’s so ratched and just the worst look for this show. The bitch calls them “Broke ass has beens.” Trick, no body even knows your name, what are you doing? Ugh I just can’t. Please go somewhere where with your whack ass “stripper, fight music”… but I digress.

Later, Stevie J talks to Mimi about his moving to L.A. and he tells her that he wants his family with him. “What does that mean,” Mimi asks. He invites her to move to Cali with him. Um, Stevie you are married to the Puerto Rican Princess right? Mimi asks him, “What about your wife.” He essentially tells her that he feels some type of what about her right now and with his life being on track and being sober it’s almost like Joseline doesn’t fit in anymore. Mimi ends up telling him that she will consider it IF they can find a productive way.

Kalenna and Tony have a nice moment while she’s in the studio. He asks her if he can manage her again which his sweet. Since he has learned a lot about post partum, he feels like he should be there and do more which is a really good example.

Margo catches Nikko at the Gym and drops the bomb on him that … surprise… she’s dating a girl. Nikko is totally shocked and asked her if that’s why they are getting a divorced. She exclaims no and he then drills her about why she even came Atlanta if she was with someone else. She tells him “It’s complicated.”

Rasheeda finally has her grand opening and guess who shows up- Karlie Redd. “I come bearing gifts.” She runs into Mimi and Ariane and they have a “conversation” where Ariane throws all kinds of shade at her. Well, Mimi tells Karlie and her bestie that Stevie invited her to move to L.A. with him. Why the hell did she tell messy Karlie? You know she’s besties with Joseline. She finds her way to Rasheeda and Erica and they put their shit aside and move on as friends. Awwww, now if Rasheeda can just mend her “relationship” with Kalenna.

It’s Momma Dee’s time and she is all over the place because the wedding is about to start and her kids aren’t there. She’s panicking when her daughter, Jasmine, shows up but Scrappy is nowhere to be found.  At her wedding too, we find out that Kay Dee and Joc are back together because they just can’t stay away from each other. Wow.

They hold the wedding off as long as they can, waiting for Scrappy and when since it looks like he isn’t coming, they ask Joc to stand in for him. Right before walking down the aisle, he shows up and saves the day. They have the wedding and Momma Dee looks super nice.

Stevie J sits at his house writing a letter to his wife. Hmmmm, I wonder what he’s saying. While he’s doing that, Joseline is at her Gayborhood event not knowing what her husband is doing… which is leaving her ass. Yes! Stevie takes down his plaques at the house, and carries a box to his car.

After her performance, Joseline’s “friend to the end” Karlie, visits backstage to congratulate her on the show. Joseline also receives the letter and flowers from Stevie and things immediately go south. Karlie of course, drops the bomb on her about Mimi being invited to L.A. This doesn’t sit well with Joseline as she is fed up with Karlie always bringing her bad news. “Why do you only have gossip for me?” Karlie can’t get a word in as Joseline throws her out not wanting to hear what her frienemy has to say.

In the end:

Margo introduces up to her new beau- pretty much Eminem with a coch.

Mimi meets with her editors in New York about her autobiography

Bambi moves in with Scrappy

Erica moves on with her daughter

Karlie is still lame. But her career is popping, ya know since she’s posing for Playboy

Kaleena feels more powerful than ever, the club is making money and Tony is back managing her. Sucks about Rasheeda though.

Joseline doesn’t care what Stevie J does and takes a bubble bath and sips some wine to prove it.

With that, Stevie jet sets across the country in his private plan because he never wanted to be the one to hold Joseline back from being the star she is. Sweet.

Yes it’s the season finale, but you know it’s not over yet as the reunion shows look promising.