‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 502 Full Messy Disclosure recap

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' 502 Full Messy Disclosure recaps2016 images

lhhatl recap 502

Another week of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta means another week of women behaving badly. News flash to VH1 and the cast members- shit gets old. I wish these women really knew, or better yet cared, how they look fighting over a man that clearly does not respect them; Which brings me to the opening scenes of the latest episode of LHHATL.

Tommi and Tierra fight, but you knew that already. Things pop off when Tommi badgers her “boyfriend’s” baby momma by pretty much calling her a bad mom. Tierra plays it cool at first while wondering why this girl is coming for her. But when Tommi continues with the same line of questioning, then gets up in her face as she reveals who she is, Tierra throws the first blow. Tommi, who is not wearing panties, gets about three good punches on the mother of four before security stops them. How tacky is it to start a fight at a party that you weren’t even invited to?

In the next scene, we see Tierra confronting Scrap in the studio. She goes ballistic on him, hitting the rapper with her one good hand (her other one is injured from the fight) yelling, “Does she know I hold you down?” Oh, Tierra, please don’t tell me that supporting this man is the reason you bartend on top of your job with the biggest financial company in the country. She tells him that until he comes clean with Tommi about them (they were supposed to be working on their relationship) he can’t see his son. He says he will tell his girlfriend everything and to make sure he does, she wants to sit with him at the table. Hmmmm, I wonder how that is going to end.

While Scrap deals with the two women in his life, Scrappy has some business to take care of himself. He and Joc have an event for this “modeling” type agency company that Scrappy has started. Joc’s thirst is on 100 as he can’t get his boy’s assistant Taylor out of his mind. Joc “spits game” as she’s working because ya know, that’s his storyline. Kirk shows up to have a word with Scrappy, who he assumed sent his mother to “take care” of Rasheeda at her shop. Momma Dee sits with her son on the couch, and as Kirk approaches them, she knows she’s caught. Of course, Scrappy didn’t send her to Pressed (Rasheeda’s shop) and scolds her since he actually told her not to do anything. That aside, he and his “big brother” Kirk are not on good terms, especially after Kirk tells him that he didn’t even want to show up in court on his behalf.

Tammy Rivera, Waka Flacka Flame’s wife, gets into it with some girl named… Ugh, what’s her name… oh yea, Betty Idol. Now I have never heard of this chick, but she sure thinks she’s the shit. After D. Smith, the first transgendered woman on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, is approached by Tammy to be a model for her new clothing line, Betty tells her that Waka is homophobic (based on a radio interview she once heard). This doesn’t sit well with D, and she asks Tammy about it. Mrs. Flame explains what her husband meant by his comments in the radio interview in question, and her answer is enough for D to give a working relationship between the two a try. What she has to say, however, is not sufficient for Betty, who takes Tammy to task during a lunch D arranged so that the two can officially meet. The unknown singer comes for Tammy. Tammy can’t take it and commences to hit the girl. I don’t condone grown women fighting, but Betty is rude, inconsiderate and out of line. She doesn’t even know Tammy but jumps to a conclusion that lands a drink on her face.

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' 502 Full Messy Disclosure recaps2016 images

The other storyline, which is increasingly hard for me to deal with, is Mimi and her new lover. Sigh… I just can’t with her. The last episode she made a circus of her current relationship with a woman and this episode she tries to explain that she’s not in a lesbian relationship. How, you ask, can she believe that to be the case? Because Chris, her GIRLfriend, identifies as male, therefore, “technically” they are not in a lesbian relationship. That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. Mimi is such a contradiction. You have this spectacle of a party to introduce your girlfriend, then turn around and get mad when people (Ariane) states the obvious. There’s no “technically” here only “literally.” Just call things what they are. I’m just saying.

That’s pretty much it for this week of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It looks like fan favorite Stevie J is back next week. Will his “wife” Joseline join him? We have to wait and see.