‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 508 Common Ground for Jessica and Tierra

love hip hop atlanta 508 common ground for jessica and tierra 2016 images

love hip hop atlanta 508 common ground for jessica and tierra 2016 images

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta once again brings the ratched and messy this week.

Jessica Dime “cultivates” her friendship with Tierra. We find out that Scrap’s baby momma (BM) is done with him and has moved on to a local DJ named J- Nicks. He has an unclear situation with a girl named Amber and the thing about it is he knows Scrap. While he and Tierra seem to be just “friends,” that know they like each other. J- Nicks wants to use his influence with her to allow Scrap to see his son, King. If you remember, she is adamant about keeping King away from him until he leaves Tommie and confirms the meeting she wants to have with KK.

Speaking of Scrap’s son, not being able to see him means he attends a daddy/son play date without his son thanks to Tierra. He admits that he does feel a certain way and even fights back tears seeing all the other fathers with their kids. Then, out of nowhere what happens? His baby momma shows up with King. Scrap’s face lights up, and she keeps it very short with him.

Scrappy and Joc get some screen time this week. All you need to know here is that the two bachelors are evicted from their apartment, Dime tells Scrappy about her run in with Bambi and Joc gets friendly with Amber (yes J- Nicks “girlfriend”). Oh, and he’s on his own finding a new place because Scrappy kept his house.

Meanwhile, the “THOT’S out for revenge” duo K. Michelle, and Joseline continue their wicked plans. K finishes the prep work for her album release party, blah, blah, blah. She wants to stunt on the haters, yea, yea, yea. Only the “haters” don’t plan on attending.

At this listening party, of course, Mimi, Rasheeda, Karlie Redd nor Jessica Dime show up, which is expected. Joseline is there with Dawn and Arianne also comes. She and K are apparently cool. As they sit, K throws all kinds of shade at Mimi and Arianne is not feeling it. She, however, doesn’t go off about it. D. Smith and Betty Idol also show up (yea, they are back). Now things quickly and hilariously go south. K asks D about working with her make up artist Japan to which the music producer says she most certainly will not. She also feels a kind of way that K would try to get her to talk about it. Then Betty Idol opens her mouth and for some reason, K interrupts her as she speaks and tells her “You should do Broadway.” Strike two for K as far as D. Smith is concerned. Then, when Betty says that she reached out to a particular person, who is K’s peoples, it’s strike three for the big booty singer when Idol proceeds to explain her one hit song with Rick Ross. K asks her, “Where did it chart?” D steps in and tells her, “Don’t try it.” K. Michelle then says during her confessional that, pretty much, she had to knock Betty down to size because she was “acting like she’s the next Beyonce.” Things go “all the way up” when Bambi arrives. It’s round two and three and four. D. Smith starts with her and is totally out of line. Betty joins the argument by saying, “I don’t fight animals.” Cute, real cute one hook wonder.

This week, too, Scrap finds out that he will be sentenced to five years in prison and is going away within the month. This puts a lot of pressure on him, especially since Tierra and KK still can’t see eye to eye. As far as his BM is concerned, Scrap’s mother will not see King as well for the five years he’s in prison.

He finally wins the battle and talks KK, into a sit down with Tierra. But what did he really think would happen when these two got together to talk? Needless to say, their “conversation” ends with both of them saying what they are going to do to the other.  For the record, Tierra is a woman with four children and is too damn grown to be fighting someone KK’s age. Hell, she’s too damn grown to be fighting period. How are you going to invite someone to your front door so that the two of you can have it out once and for all? I can’t live with these chicks man.

Next week, Tommie finds out about Scrap and Karlie and Joseline tells Mimi about Stevie’s new baby?