Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas for your woman

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Last minute Valentine's Day ideas for your woman 2016 images

Okay men, now that Super Bowl 50 is over, you can focus on that one day of the year most of you hate, but the one that most of us females look forward to. Valentine’s Day. Yes, it is true women love Valentine’s Day. We get dressed up, we get our hair done, we go all out, and we expect you to go all out too. Now I know the expectation we have for the first big commercialized day of the year brings pressure, but you know we’re worth it.

I’m sure many of you have waited until the last minute too before realizing that the big day is coming really fast, so here’s some great ideas that’ll make you a rockstar plus get some extra pleasures you might not have had in a while.

For those of the male species who understand the excitement females have for the coveted day of love, thank you. For the men who refuse to give, not even a little bit, get with the program already! It’s not going to hurt you to buy her a box of candy.

And about that box of candy. You know there are other things you can give your gal for Valentine’s Day right? I mean, flowers and a teddy bear are nice, but you want to win V-Day. Get the special someone in your life something she really wants. So let’s think outside the box.

To help you grasp that concept, here are 10 things women would love to see in a gift bag on the most romantic day of the year.

makeup kit valentines dayMake Up

Please understand that a woman can never have too much make up. We like to play with it. We like how it enhances our beauty, and we love variety. So go for that Naked 3 palette from Sephora or that matte red lipstick from M.A.C. If you are “balling on a budget,” the L’Oreal Colour La Pallet Nude 2 is an excellent alternative.

spa day for women valentines day

Spa Day

You cannot lose with a spa day because literally, this is every woman’s dream. Pampering, massages, facials and more is at the top of just about every lady’s list of “things I need to do.”

concert tickets valentines day

Concert Tickets

There is nothing like going to see your favorite artist. I am a Beyoncé fan, and you can best believe seeing her live (several times) never gets old. Do some research to see if your girl’s fave singer or band will be in town in the near future. If so, do not hesitate to buy tickets. This year, you’ve Beyonce, Adele, Janet Jackson among many others to make your woman happy.

gift card valentines day

Gift Card

Some people may not like giving gift cards because they view them as impersonal, but listen to me when I say women love them. There is nothing like getting a gift card to your favorite store. It’s actually an excitement I can’t quite describe but just know gift cards are something we want.

jewelry valentines day


Getting a piece of jewelry from your significant other is always special. However, if you are going to go this route, you have to really show up. I’m talking about diamond earrings, a pendant necklace or a precious stone ring. Don’t half-ass it here. If it’s not fine jewelry, don’t bother.

designer handbags valentines day

Designer Handbag

Women love handbags. We love the versatility they offer because come on, we have to match our purse with our shoes. Most women prefer designer so make sure you know what she likes before you buy.

designer frangrances valentines day


This may seem simple but women love to smell nice, and when it comes to gifts, your girl’s favorite scent is a home run every time. We have difference aromas for different occasions so if you don’t have Armani or Givenchy money, go with Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret.


sexy lingerie valentines day


Believe it or not, we like lingerie mostly because of what it does to you. Yes, we love seeing your reaction to how we look in a skimpy gown so don’t shy away from getting something sexy for her to wear on Valentine’s Day. It’s a good move.

electronics valentines day

Latest Electronics

Women like electronics too…and more than just those that you men like us to use! We may not be enthusiasts or know what latest technological advances make the new Fitbit the “it” fitness tracker, but we do get excited about its newness and what it can/will do for us. From an iPad mini to help us stay connected and keep track of our lives to smartphones, we dig cool stuff. We may want electronics for different reasons from men, but we do still want them nonetheless.

time together valentines day

Time with You

A woman who’s in love with a man will want to spend time with that man. Getting a weekend getaway for the two of you is something for her to look forward to AND it’s a time for her to reciprocate all the ways you made her feel special on V- Day.

These are great ideas any woman will love so now that the hard part is over, all you have to do is go out and find the perfect gift.