‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1102 Price You Pay Scott Disick

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“The Price You Pay” episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was all about Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s struggle to develop a new normal amid their split. While it is Kylie and Tyga’s rumored split that has been all over the headlines for the past few days, the show is still a few months behind and is just covering the nitty-gritty of Kourtney and Scott’s sudden breakup that happened over the summer.

At the beginning of the episode, Kim tells – not asks – her mother that she, Kanye and their daughter North are moving into her house for five months. This, just after Kim tried to persuade sister Kylie Jenner into housing her family, in which Kylie bluntly responded, “Nobody is staying at my house.” Nonetheless, Kris isn’t able to be so stern with Kim and agrees to let them temporarily move back in.

Meanwhile, Khloe jets off to Australia to promote the launch of “Kardashian Kids” clothing line. Unfortunately, Kim was not able to join her due to her pregnancy and Kourtney felt she should stay home with her kids, especially with all of the drama happening with their father. Khloe admits she often picks up where her other two sisters slack when it comes to their clothing lines. Later in the episode, Khloe states, “I’m doing a kids promotional tour, and I don’t have kids.”

While Khloe is in Australia, she receives a text from Scott, whom which she hasn’t interacted with in over a month. However, Khloe doesn’t feel comfortable responding to him until she finds out what Kourtney wants her to say, or not say.

Back in California, Kim and Kris discuss Kourtney’s relationship troubles. Being the mother, Kris expresses that she feels bad for Scott and is worried about his overall well being, as the breakup has hit him hard. However, Kim isn’t so compassionate as she exclaims, “He was the one who f**ked up.” Afterwards Kim tells Kris, “I wish you would move on from [Scott]. I’m over him.”

After, Kris, Kim and Kourtney meet up at a grocery store to do some shopping. While there, Kris tells Kourtney she has plans to meet with Scott and have lunch. Kourtney informs her that he has been MIA for the past few days. Nonetheless, Kris asks for her “blessing,” which Kourtney gives, but insists they have lunch in private (i.e. at Kris’ house).

When Khloe returns from her business trip to Australia, she decides she wants to confront her sisters and tell them she is not okay with all the work she has had to pick up for them. Khloe tells Kim and Kourtney that she needs help when it comes to promoting their clothing lines, as it has been getting too stressful and has begun affecting her personal life. Ultimately, Kim and Kourtney agree with Khloe and claim that they will be more involved and supportive from here on out. However, Khloe couldn’t escape without a bit of wisdom from Kourtney, who tells her that she has to get over the guilt she puts on herself when she says no to people.

Later in the episode, Kris invites Scott over for their lunch and tries to sort through some of the issues. During their meet-up, Scott tells Kris that Kourtney has been making things extra tough on him, as she keeps changing her mind on what is acceptable. Scott goes on to say that they initially had “an open-door policy” when they split, where Scott could go to Kourtney’s house and visit the kids whenever. However, she has suddenly decided to be strict when it comes to letting Scott visit.

Kris tells Scott that she feels she is “missing a part of the story.” She takes on the role of mediator and calls up Kourtney while Scott is with her. Kourtney explains that she changed the “open-door policy” because Scott’s partying was getting more and more extreme. Kourtney goes on to say, “He was flaking too often. Every time I’ve tried to have him sit and have dinner with [the children], he sits in the other room on his phone. He flakes on going to the kids’ first day of school.“ On speakerphone, Kourtney addresses Scott directly and says that the kids need consistency, and that is the complete opposite of what he is giving them. Kris convinces Kourtney to let Scott drop by in the night and tuck his kids into bed. However, Scott seems outraged when Kourtney tells him he has to stay longer than 30 minutes and refrain from going out partying instead of staying with them for an extended period of time.

After Kris hangs up the phone, she asks Scott if he is certain he is going to go and tuck his kids into bed. Suddenly, Scott announces to her that he is going to Florida in “a couple of hours.” Frustrated, Kris tells him he needs to value every moment he gets with his kids and earn back Kourtney’s trust. She bluntly says, “I have to be honest with you and part of love is being honest…you really f**ked up.”

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