‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1113 Unforseen Future & Baby Time

keeping up with the kardashians 1113 unforseen future baby time 2016

keeping up with the kardashians 1113 unforseen future baby time 2016

In the season 11 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians “Unforeseen Future,” Kim finds out that she may be living in her mom’s house for longer than she had anticipated. Meanwhile, Khloe tries to find balance in her life amidst the Lamar drama.

The episode begins with Khloe being informed about all of the crazy things she did while at Kris’s birthday party. Last week Khloe was seen thoroughly enjoying her night and drinking more than her fair share of champagne, as she tried to release some of the stress she has been overwhelmed with lately. Although Khloe admits she doesn’t remember about 80% of her night, she also claims she is not ashamed of getting really intoxicated as she knows she deserves some fun.

After this, we see Kendall over at her dad Caitlyn Jenner’s house. Here, Caitlyn and Kendall are talking about being in New York last week, where Kendall took part in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You may recall that in the last episode Kendall was cursing at Caitlyn, as she did not want her to attend the show and cause a media frenzy. However Kendall, being the biggest pushover in the family, obviously caved in, as both Caitlyn and Kris (along with her boyfriend Corey) were seated front row for the show. One of these days Kendall is going to need to learn how to stick to her guns.

Shortly after Kim is seen hanging out at Kourtney’s house. Kim goes on to explain how angry she is with her contractors, who told her that there has been yet another setback in her new home’s renovations. Unfortunately, the lights that arrived at the house weren’t the exact ones that Kim had decided upon. Therefore, they are experiencing major delays with the project.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie jet off to Australia to launch their new fashion line in collaboration with Forever New. Here the two sisters enjoy the country while showing off their new, “more mature and high-end” clothing line. During an interview, Kylie gets asked whether she was upset about being “banned” from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (as she was not there). However, this claim is not true as Kendall simply asked her not to attend. Moreover, Kyle gets even more frustrated, as she has continuously been hearing similar rumors that paint her as the jealous sister. Later in the trip, Kendall notices that Kylie is being grumpy and snippy with her. Kylie finally decides to come clean and tells her about the rumors that have been weighing heavily on her. Kendall apologizes for not letting Kylie come to the show but reminds her to not let the rumors get to her.

Over at Kris’s place, Kim and Kourtney are seen hanging out with Jonathan. After throwing a few jabs at Khloe for some of the videos from the Great Gatsby party, they begin discussing Scott. Kourtney tells them that she is, in fact, going to weekly therapy with him (at his rehab facility) and things are “going good.” Kourtney admits he tends to “get ahead of himself” in terms of his progress, and she is being cautiously optimistic.

Later, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all get some more drama added to their lives. Kim finds out that her baby is breach, which means that she needs to deliver it by Thanksgiving and quite possibly via C-section. Kourtney reveals that Scott has already decided to leave rehab and Khloe is facing some really big decisions as the doctors are preparing for Lamar to be discharged from the hospital.

Fortunately for Khloe, Kris provides her with as much help as she can. Over the phone, Kris tells Khloe that she has been touring around a number of care facilities that could potentially house Lamar once he is out of the hospital. Khloe explains that because Lamar’s condition is such a rollercoaster (i.e. gets really bad and then good and then really bad again), she needs to ensure he is provided with the best care possible and located somewhere that is close enough for her to go visit nearly every day.

Being the supermom she is, Kris also makes an effort to distress the very pregnant Kim. She decided to purchase a condo so that she can get out of Kim’s hair (even though Kim is took over Kris’s house).

Conveniently enough, while Kris is over at Kourtney’s house Scott walks through the door announcing that he is finally home from rehab. Both Kourtney and Kris are shocked to see him just barge through the door. In confessional Kourtney admits, “I’m really proud of Scott for being in rehab for 30 days, but he is just out, and I don’t know what’s going to go on. I don’t want to end up in the same situation that I just got out of.”

The episode ends with the grand finale, as Kim goes over to Kris’s new condo for a tour. The tour is eventually interrupted as Kim’s water breaks, and they rush over to the hospital. As we now know, only a few hours later Kim welcomed her son Saint into the world.

And that’s it for Keeping Up with the Kardashians for this season!

Keep an eye out for more details regarding season 12, which will once again air on E!