‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ 105 Error on the High Seas Stripped Down

real housewives of potomac 105 error on the high seas stripped down 2016

real housewives of potomac 105 error on the high seas stripped down 2016

On this week’s all-new episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac “Error on the High Seas,” Karen hosts a classy couples’ event on a yacht. Meanwhile, Gizelle opts to bring a new man as her date to Karen’s event and Katie gets called out for her excessive PDA at Ashley’s birthday party.

The episode begins with Karen bonding with her daughter over a self-defense class. Evidently Karen wants to make sure that her daughter is prepared, as she gets ready to head off to college. Karen also reveals that she was once mugged and, therefore, is extra anxious about letting her baby girl venture out into the real world.

Over on the other side of town, the youngest housewife Ashley is busy working on her newest business venture, an Australian restaurant. Ashley explains that she wants to make her “own” money. However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t willing to accept her husband’s financial aid to get the place up and running. Later in the episode, Ashley discloses that her mother had to file for bankruptcy, which is further motivating her to ensure that her restaurant is a success.

Meanwhile, Charrisse invites Robyn over to talk about all of the personal stuff that has been swirling around the Potomac regarding Robyn’s financial situation. Robyn confesses that her ex-husband Juan is most likely moving, which is causing a lot of stress for her. Currently they still live together, which has many of the housewives wondering whether Robyn and Juan are truly over each other. Leave it to Charrisse to get straight to the point, as she asks Robyn whether she still loves her ex. Robyn goes on to admit that she still gets intimate with her ex and really does love him. Unfortunately, Charrisse is not so lovey-dovey in her relationship. Even though she is the one still married, Charrisse believes that things are rockier with her husband than Robyn’s situation with her ex. Charrisse even reveals that she has brought up divorce over text with her husband, but he didn’t even take the time to reply.

Over at Karen’s house, Gizelle pays a visit and engages in some gossip. The two ladies talk about Ashley’s lack of party-throwing skills, as they were both displeased by the fact that they were forced to pay for their own drinks at her last event. In addition, the two ladies discuss Katie’s off-putting behavior with Andrew at Ashley’s birthday party. Karen tells Gizelle she is unsure whether she wants to invite Katie to her upcoming BYOM (Bring Your Own Man) party, in which Gizelle admits she thought that Katie might have been on something, and that is why her behavior was so “off.”

Shortly after Katie ends up meeting with Karen for tea. Here, Katie tries to convince Karen to join her foundation’s committee. However, Karen can’t help but come clean and tell Katie that she was not impressed with her PDA-filled behavior the other night. Katie humbly agrees and admits she is embarrassed. Despite Katie owning up to her inadequate etiquette, Karen still turns down the spot on the committee as she claims she is too busy as it is.

Although in the last episode Katie and Ashley hit a bit of a rough patch after Katie went blabbing to the other ladies that Ashley had been using the Internet to investigate their personal lives, they seem to have made up and join their men on a golf outing. Here, Katie once again shows her inability to keep things to herself, as she tells Ashley that Karen thought that Ashley’s birthday party was too “young” for Potomac standards. The two ladies agree that Karen needs to loosen up a bit.

Lastly, the ladies gets dolled up for Karen’s big event. While getting ready, Robyn shockingly admits that her two young children are not completely aware that their parents are officially divorced.

The Potomac ladies all arrive at Karen’s more sophisticated event (well that’s at least how she views it in comparison to Ashley’s “attempt” at throwing a gathering for the community’s social elite).

Gizelle ends up bringing Herman, who she has been on two dates with already. Although Herman initially threw her off after he toasted to “forever” during their second date, Gizelle evidently decided to give him another shot (most likely due to the fact that she needed a man to go with Karen’s “BYOM” event requirement). Unfortunately, not everyone was completely filled in with Gizelle’s guy situation, as Karen awkwardly mixes him up with someone else Gizelle had been seeing (who went by the name of “Mr. Miami”?!).

Later on at the event, Ashley’s husband Michael, 56, decides to embrace his inner frat boy and proceeds to drop his pants, as he apparently really wanted to take a dip in the water. Considering Ashley is already having a hard time fitting in with the other ladies, I am sure Michael’s behavior didn’t fall under what the other women classify as “proper etiquette.”

You can catch more Real Housewives of Potomac when it returns on Bravo on March 6.

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