Kamala Harris is the voice we need in Washington now

As Donald Trump has made the Washington D.C. swamp overflow and head into the White House, an independent voice like Senator Kamala Harris is a breath of fresh air that is urgently needed in the America he's created.

When you are a powerful woman, people take notice. Yes, you will garner the attention from those in awe of what you, but you will also get attention from those who question your motives. Especially when what you do is seen as a threat to them.

Add to the fact that not only are you a powerful woman that gets things done but also a woman of color, in particular, a black woman, the haters increase 10 fold. That’s why Kamala Harris is such a badass. As she continues her climb up the political ladder, while she gets the praise from those thankful for her hard work, one group of people continually come for her and try to discredit what she’s about – white men.

It comes as no surprise really when you think about it. White men have been ruining … ahem… running this country for centuries. History has even shown us how they respond when their power, wealth, and positions are “put in jeopardy” by those who don’t look like them. Hello, Jim Crow South and segregation.

Harris is a force to be reckoned with because she doesn’t back down nor does she care what they think. Essentially, she has taken all the characteristics that make black women the butt of every joke and the aspects of who we are that black men say are the reasons they don’t deal with us and has used them to create an impactful political career that only continues to rise and shine.

Harris encompasses what a politician should be. As Americans, we are in desperate need of fair, honest and quality representation from those whom we vote into office to make decisions that are beneficial for all. From her fight against the GOP’s heartless health care repeal to her unapologetic questioning of members of Trump’s administration about Russia, I see in Harris the greatness that I believe just might lead her to the presidency. Oh, how I would love for Harris to run for the highest office in the land in 2020. To have the first woman president be a woman of color is literally buttercream icing on the cake.

The hostility Harris receives from white men in politics is undeniable. For instance, the way she was treated by Republican male Senators, like John McCain and Richard Burr, during the Senate hearing on Russia is a testament to the American political climate. Not only did they refuse to answer her questions, they also interrupted her without remorse. That’s because in the United States, it is party first for Republicans and everything else, including the people who suffer from their self-centeredness, second.

If there were even the slightest chance that Russia had something to do with the outcome of the 2016 election, why would anyone not want to find the truth? Because it will disrupt the thing these elitists have going, and now that we know for a fact they did, they are fighting the FBI‘s investigation. And that is the issue I have with the way things are done in D.C. It is the number one reason we need Harris and others like her to keep pushing these good ol’ boys who most certainly have a something to hide.

Harris is a breath of fresh air not because she is black. Anyone who openly fights against the clear and present corruption that is taking place within this current administration gets props. No, she is a breath of fresh air because I see in her the way politicians should be. The way that she cares for her constituents and asks the hard questions of her fellow collogues is how government officials should behave. Think about it, the men who are mad at Harris’ relentlessness have shown their true colors. They don’t care about what happens to us common folk. They think that their big money, big names, and connections are what matter.

I cannot tell you how much my heart breaks to think of the people who are suffering or will suffer because of the self-serving Republicans and man-child Trump who continually do things that profit their personal bottom lines. I cannot tell you how often I wonder about my future and the future of those I love because of the decisions that are being made at the executive and legislative levels. But in the midst of the despair I often feel, it gives me hope to know that someone like Harris is fighting for us. I believe she is fighting for us.

kamala harris with dreamers to fight for

Our political system has long been broken. When seasoned politicians get upset, accusatory and downright belligerent to the members amongst their ranks who want answers to some of the most pressing questions that the American public has, we have to realize what we are dealing with here. And that is a group of privileged, mostly white, men who have no interests in helping anyone but themselves and the people like them. To attack a black woman who is just trying to genuinely do her job has become common practice in Washington, but I am certain that Harris is up for the challenge.

Can we ever have just, unbiased, and transparent leadership in our capital city? Can that kind of political service ever be a reality; be the norm? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. But what I do know is that people like Harris are a nuisance to the corrupted men whose idea of making “American great again” involves the promotion of white supremacy and the total disregard for human life.

In the face of uncertainty, exploitation, and greed, we have a politician in place who will proudly buck up against the system and declare, “Not on my watch.”

Go, Kamala Harris!