Janice Dickinson Cosby justification plus R Kelly charged up again

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While Bill Cosby is a distant memory for many people, model and TV personality Janice Dickinson has been haunted by him for decades. On Thursday, she finally felt some justification for what he put her through decades ago, and then by defaming her when she stepped up about what the comedian had done to her.

Dickinson called the settlement in her defamation lawsuit against the now in prison Bill Cosby a victory that brings a measure of justice, but in the end, it is only a partial help.

“In reality, nothing can erase the experience and memory of an assault,” Dickinson said at a news conference. “Jail is where he belongs. There are not enough years left for him to pay for what he has done to so many, many women.”

Dickinson’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, said the case was settled for an “epic” amount, though the terms of the agreement keep the exact figure confidential.

“Janice will be fully and fairly compensated for being branded a liar,” Bloom said.

The deal allows Dickinson to continue to speak out against Cosby, which she said she intends to do.

“Sisters, my advice to you is never, ever give up ever, tell your story and stand up for your rights,” Dickinson said.

She also urged lawmakers to extend the existing statutes of limitations on sexual assault that have forced her and other Cosby accusers to sue the comedian for defamation.

Cosby insurer American International Group Inc. settled the case against his will, as it has with at least eight other women who filed similar lawsuits.

“AIG’s settlement of this lawsuit has no bearing whatsoever on the merit of Ms. Dickinson’s claims,” Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt said in a statement Thursday. He said Dickinson’s case is another example of “AIG robbing Mr. Cosby of the opportunity to clear his name in a court of law, where evidence and truthfulness are supposed to be elevated above headlines and gossip.”

Cosby has repeatedly denied both Dickinson’s allegations and the defamation allegations, saying that they were statements by his former attorney that he had no part in.

AIG declined comment through a spokesman.

The settlement, which Cosby’s spokesman first confirmed Wednesday, brings a long list of litigation involving sexual misconduct and defamation accusations lodged against Cosby around the country near an end. Only a single California claim remains.

Dickinson was among the first for whom the term “supermodel” was used in the 1980s and has become a reality TV regular in recent decades on show’s including “America’s Next Top Model” and “Celebrity Big Brother.”

She testified at Cosby’s criminal trial that he drugged and raped her in 1982. She was among several Cosby accusers who were allowed to take the witness stand at the Pennsylvania trial where Cosby was found guilty of drugging and molesting a woman who worked at his alma mater, Temple University, in 2004.

The 82-year-old comedian is serving a 3-to-10 year sentence.

We normally don’t identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they come forward publicly, which Dickinson and other accusers have done.

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R Kelly May Have Others Join In

A prosecutor has told a federal judge in Chicago that more charges and more defendants could be added to the case against R&B singer R. Kelly that alleges child pornography and other crimes.

Angel Krull said Thursday that a more far-ranging indictment could replace the initial indictment charging Kelly and two associates. She didn’t elaborate.

Kelly faces charges in Chicago accusing him of producing and receiving child pornography and coercing minors to engage in sex. The 52-year-old is being held without bond and wasn’t at Thursday’s hearing. He faces related charges in New York.

Krull also asked for an order protecting evidence and limiting what attorneys can say publicly about the evidence, saying Kelly’s fans have harassed potential witnesses.

Defense attorney Steve Greenberg said the proposed order is too restrictive. Another hearing is set for Wednesday.

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R Kelly, Darrell Johnson

R Kelly Manager Leaves

When your boss has been accused of pedophilia, and you’re his crisis manager, it’s maybe not a great idea to say that you’d never leave your own daughter alone with an accused pedophile—at least not as far as job stability is concerned. R. Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, said just that during an interview Monday, and within hours, Johnson was out. One of Kelly’s lawyers tweeted a statement Monday night reading, “As has been reported, Darrell Johnson has decided to take some time off, for personal reasons, from his efforts on behalf of R. Kelly. The defense wants to thank Mr. Johnson for his tireless assistance and looks forward to his return. He shares our confidence that this is an unprecedented assault against R. Kelly by others, for their own personal gain, and in the innocence of R. Kelly.”

But Johnson insisted to the Chicago Tribune Tuesday that this was his idea: “I resigned. I wasn’t pushed out. I wasn’t made to resign. It was my decision. I got a lot of clients and then I got a business in Atlanta that’s 200 employees. It’s a lot going on. I’m not running or stepping down because the show with Gayle hit. I’ve done my job.” He also told NBC News Tuesday that his interview with Gayle King did not air in its entirety, and that he actually would leave his daughter with Kelly, because “I got to know Mr. Kelly in a personal way” and “I believe Kelly 1,000%” in his profession of innocence.