Eric Kripke talks ‘The Boys’ and why ‘Supernatural’ fans should watch

eric kripke mttg interview on the boys comic con 2019

I was very excited to attend the press conference for Eric Kripke‘s new show, “The Boys,” after experiencing the activation installation at Comic-Con last weekend. Instead of round table interviews, invited press sat in front of the panel of cast and Kripke and took turns asking questions.

Eric recognized a few of us and gave us a friendly nod, which I admit made my fangirl heart happy. You were supposed to wait for the room person to give you the mic in order to ask a question, which meant I was having a near panic attack trying to get her attention while other people just yelled theirs out. Finally I got a turn to ask a question – one for Mr. Kripke.

Eric Kripke Seth Rogen talking The Boys at Comic Con 2019

Me: One of the things that sets your first baby, Supernatural, apart is that on the surface it’s a show about two brothers hunting monsters but it really is so much more. It’s a show about family and loyalty and how family don’t end with blood. Are there underlying themes on The Boys as well?

Eric thanked me for the “Supernatural” centric question and gave a thoughtful and interesting answer, which you can listen to below (once I managed to stop just smiling at him and push the record button…)  But come on, SPN Family, it’s Kripke!

The Boys Eric Kripke mttg intefview

Eric: I think this show is also about family. It’s about ‘the boys,’ who are the heroes because they stick together and they’ve got each other’s backs, and they’re willing to admit vulnerability and weakness. They’re scared and outmatched and outgunned, but they’re taking on these powerful forces – not dissimilar to the way Sam and Dean take on monsters and demons. What I love is that the heroes of this show are the ones who can express vulnerability and weakness and be imperfect….

“Supernatural” has been unique in its exploration of masculinity, especially when it comes to emotional vulnerability. Sam and Dean have gone from “no chick flick moments” to being able to cry with each other and to have each others’ backs quite literally. The theme of the ordinary man taking on the super (natural) or super (heros) is a compelling one that is a part of “The Boys” as well as SPN. Finally, the theme of family – and especially that ‘family don’t end with blood’ seems to be woven into Kripke’s new show too.

Eric: We spend a lot of time building the iceberg under the water with the emotion, and with the satire…

That time and effort to build the ‘iceberg under the water’ is what has set “Supernatural” apart from the beginning, so if “The Boys” can pull it off, that bodes well for its longevity.

Karl Urban cast of the boys at comic con 2019 panel

The cast had some great things to say about why they also feel this show is unique, and especially that it breaks some molds and doesn’t stick to stereotypes or expectations. They also shared some inside information on what it was like to film some of the first shocking action-packed scenes that set ‘the boys’ on their journey.

Also like “Supernatural,” the actors talk about creating an atmosphere on set that’s conducive to experimentation and play, so they could push the boundaries and find out where they were. And they all trusted Eric.

Eric: Awwww.

Listen to some of the cast and Kripke’s insights here, and get ready for “The Boys” when it premieres Friday July 26 on Amazon Prime!