iPhone 8: Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest

what to know about iphone 8

iPhone 8: Everything you need to know about Apple's latest 2017 images

Apple saw their numbers take a hit at the end of last year, but they are more than making up for it with their upcoming iPhones. The anticipated iPhone 7S and 7S Plus have had plenty of rumors, but the upcoming iPhone 8 could truly revolutionize the look of Apple’s phone.

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iPhone 7S, 7S Plus vs iPhone 8 Release Dates

While many thought that Apple would be skipping the 7S and 7S Plus versions of their iPhone, they’ll actually be coming out in early September 2017. What will make this year a rather complicated release schedule for the company is they’ll also be releasing that special iPhone 8 many of you have heard about.

This will be accompanying the other two phones which seems a little confusing, but this is the plan so far. We’re hearing that the iPhone 8 will actually be hitting the street shortly after the 7S comes out making diehard fans either pony up for two phones or grit their teeth waiting for the latest technological advancement.

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What To Expect With The iPhone 8

Since 2017 will mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple is looking to make some major changes. It’s been three years since the iPhone was given a facelift, so in technological years, it’s due for one.

Simply put, this will be as big an upgrade as Microsoft Windows 10. Just without all those frustrating bugs that Microsoft is known for.

Apple looks to be following in Samsung‘s footsteps by going for a larger screen without making their iPhone even bigger. This will include a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen that will have no bezel or home button. Sound familiar?

If you’ve seen that beautiful curved AMOLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, that’s what to expect with the iPhone 8. This could also be due to Apple getting the OLED screen from Samsung for this model. So, they’ll be replacing that LCD screen with a flexible plastic OLED which will be a huge improvement.

If smaller is your thing, the iPhone 8 will also be coming with a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen.

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Touch ID Sensor Plus Glass

It seems that Samsung is beating Apple with many of these advancements, as the iPhone 8 will be replacing that home button with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Where will they put it, you ask?

This will be built directly into the display along with the camera. For years, we’ve heard that the company wanted to introduce a model that looked like a single sheet of glass, so this looks to be it.

Glass is very important for phones that have wireless charging. You can also expect a curved glass back replacing the aluminum one in previous models.

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Lose the Lightning But Not The Speed

Apple will be dropping the Lightning port and replacing it with a USB-C port along with adding a headphone jack. This will bring it up to speed with the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

The USB-C will allow for super-fast charging. This is already available in the iPad Pro that uses a Lightning to USB-C cable.

The iPhone 8 will also get an upgrade with a 10-nanometer A11 chip to enable all these major innovations while also being energy efficient.

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Wireless Charging

Having a glass body will allow you to just put your iPhone 8 on a stationary charger rather than having to worry about all those cables. The aluminum body on previous models didn’t allow this. For those with an Apple Watch, it’s the same technology that will make things much more convenient.

If you’ve got a Samsung S7 phone, you already know how much easier the stationary charger is. Many of us often forget to plug in our devices, and when you really need it, it’s dead. It’s much easier to just set it down on the round flat device when you get home.

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For added security, Apple will have advanced biometric features like facial recognition along with iris scanning. A new front-facing camera will enable this. This would allow users to unlock their phone with a simple eye scan.

An interesting area that Apple is hoping to include is that if someone steals your iPhone 8, it would be able to get the thief’s fingerprints and photo. This may not be ready for 2017, but all you’d have to do is tap into an app if your phone is stolen, and it will record the person along with showing their location. It sounds creepy, until someone takes your belongings. Then you’re happy it’s there.

what to know about iphone 8