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Tag: Biometrics

Get ready for credit card selfies with Visa’s biometrics

Selfies not just for social media anymore as Visa integrates biometrics into credit cards so you may be required to give one with your next credit application.

Fingerprints still not foolproof technology

If you like the idea of not having to remember your password or coming up with so many different ones for all your social accounts, you might want to realize that nothing is actually foolproof.

Biometrics Can Be Hacked Like Passwords

We see in the movies how fingerprints get bypassed by both spies and thieves by extracting them from somewhere touched by their target. That suggests that fingerprints aren’t easily hacked as passwords.

Goodbye Passwords, Hello Windows 10

Windows 10 shows much promise. Many see it as what Windows 8 should have been. In my honest opinion, if it’s as fast and responsive as Windows 8 then it’s a real keeper.

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