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iPhone 8: Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest

Apple's iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are the most anticipated phones of 2017, but the iPhone 8 has created its own special buzz with some huge advancements.

Apple’s First Good News of the Year

Pundits can temporarily stop throwing stones at the Apple tree because the company has surprisingly good news. Despite the widespread criticism of removing the 3.55mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7

Galaxy Note 7 costing Samsung billions

Samsung never thought that when it released the Galaxy Note 7 it would wind up costing them billions of dollars while also helping competitor Apple rake in the money on their iPhone 7.

Samsung Getting Ahead of Bad PR

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is probably the worst thing to happen to Samsung in the company’s history. Despite the issue being limited to that particular unit, it’s unavoidable for consumers to develop trust issues

Blackberry is dead along with Qwerty phones

A couple weeks ago, Blackberry confirmed that it will no longer be manufacturing its own phones after the lackluster reception of the Blackberry Priv. It looks like adopting the Android operating system

Don’t Try This at Home with your Apple iPhone7

When Apple says it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no longer a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and if sales go as expected by Apple, so will the iPhone 8.

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Here’s what to do with it

Samsung really screwed the pooch on it's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall causing much confusion among customers. Their failure to coordinate efforts with U.S. safety authorities right away

Could Samsung Notegate Propel iPhone 7 Sales?

Samsung’s mobile business is not in good shape right now. Thanks to a problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery which potentially causes Galaxy Note units to explode and catch fire; much like the cheap so-called hoverboards

Apple iPhone 7 review: fine but going through growing pains

Apple's iPhone has just about hit its ten-year mark, but it still has plenty of room to grow as the company has shown with the iPhone 7.

Apple betting big on wireless world

Last year at this time all we heard was about the Apple Watch. Well, that came with a huge amount of fanfare, but after it's release, suddenly everything quieted down and we weren't really hearing sales figures on that venture.

Apple’s latest gadgets hitting soon: iPhone 7, Airpods, Super Mario Run

Apple fans were naturally excited to check out all the new wares and gadgets that were coming out soon, including the iPhone 7, and the tech company didn't disappoint.

Apple’s $10K Luxury Smart Watch loses its sheen for Series 2

Apple had their huge show and tell on Wednesday letting everyone know what to buy. Apple enthusiasts were naturally excited but while some things were interesting, things like their exclusive luxury Edition smart watch

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