Don’t Try This at Home with your Apple iPhone7

Don’t Try This at Home with your Apple iPhone7

Don’t Try This at Home with your Apple iPhone7 2016 images

When Apple says it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no longer a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and if sales go as expected by Apple, so will the iPhone 8. But a YouTube blogger says the jack still exists, and it’s just hidden by the slightly redesigned casing that suggests two speakers at the bottom. This guy convinced some users that drilling into the casing reveals the headphone jack where it’s always been, like on the iPhone 6 and 6S.

The YouTube video by TechRax has already hit 10 million views, and some may have already fallen for it. The people that did, those who are still curious, and those that wanted to just see the video, suggest that people still want the headphone jack in their lives. How in the world can they charge the iPhone while listening to music without using Bluetooth or a special adapter? In the case of Apple, people who can afford the iPhone 7 suggest they can also afford Bluetooth earphones and special adapters. Many argue that the sound from Bluetooth is just not the same as the sound coming from a regular audio jack and that using the included lightning adapter is not ‘pure,’ since the wireless earpods are still a few months away. Plus, those same people who bought expensive iPhones can also afford high-end headphones like those offered by Sennheiser that need the headphone jack.

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Change is a hard thing to cope with, which is why Apple promoted the word ‘courage’ in its campaign for the iPhone 7. Negatively, it’s like saying you’re too stupid to see the emperor’s new clothes but in a positive light, those who see and accept change fare better than those who don’t. And if this does take off in some way, the other guys will follow suit as this does bring the additional profit of selling their respective wireless ‘more stylish’ earpods.

Curiosity can kill a cat as well as an iPhone. This hack, which involves clamping the iPhone with a vice and drilling at the bottom of the case using a 3.5mm drill bit produces a hole big enough for an earphone plug. The phone still in the video worked and had audio but may have lost one of the stereo speakers and had no evidence the earphones had audio. That may be enough for some curious to attempt this hack. But the hack will damage one of the speakers and at worst the phone internals thus bricking the iPhone. This hack will surely damage the phone’s new waterproofing so current, and future iPhone 7 owners shouldn’t try this. Kudos to those who did. Doing so also took ‘courage’ and a ton of money. You know Apple won’t replace those, right?

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TechRax is one of those shock and awe YouTube bloggers that earns plenty from his millions of hits and can thus afford to purchase several iPhones for this experiment, as well as one that tests the phone’s survival after getting dipped in liquid nitrogen and another from being immersed in Coca-Cola for 12 hours. Just like the guy who can afford to saw stuff in half including those massive expensive camera lenses or the guy that melted a working laptop and that guy who bought an iPhone just to spread awareness about bendgate. His latest blog is clearly a joke or a stab at Apple for getting rid of the headphone jack. There’s also a hoax where people are tricked into microwaving the iPhone charge it or to extend the battery life and another that says the latest update waterproofs the iPhone. The only way the latter can be true is still in the realm of science-fiction. Given how horrid previous iPhones were when it came to battery life, some folks might fall for that as well. But seriously folks, look it up first before trying these things on your phones unless you want to earn money on Youtube yourselves.