Heroes and Zeros: Carmen Yulín Cruz vs Tina Campbell aka Mary, Mary

heroes and zeroes carmen yulin cruz vs tina campbell

It’s Heroes and Zeros time people! This week’s winner is the unapologetic mayor of San Juan. The zero is a gospel singer who is still trying to convince the world (and probably herself) that voting for #45 was a good idea.

Hero – Carmen Yulín Cruz 

In moments of tragedy, we need people who are going to stand up and be that voice that speaks for reason. And the need for this kind of individual during devastation is even more present when you have a president like Donald Trump who is just not a good look for America. Carmen Yulín Cruz is this week’s hero not only because she wore a shirt with the worst “nasty” on it after being called nasty by #45, but also because the San Juan mayor sincerely wants the people of Puerto Rico to get the help they need and deserve.

It’s not about politics for Cruz. The woman is relentless in her quest to a) troll the hell out of Trump and b) bring awareness to the dire situation in Puerto Rico. From the very beginning, she has held nothing back, letting those in power know what they need to do to help with recovery. Now, the people she’s spoken to may make a joke of the situation, but their lack of sympathy and interest has not stopped her. In fact, it probably drives Cruz, even more, to be the thorn in their side, reminding them of the job that they should be doing. While wearing her “nasty” shirt during a television interview with Jorge Ramos on Univision’s “Al Punto,” she said,

donald trump nasty woman carmen cruz puerto rico

“What is truly nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people.”

That’s what many critics are saying about Trump and his response to the unfathomable destruction left behind by two major hurricanes back to back. At this point in the game, it seems that individuals with money, like celebrities and CEOs, have and continue to do more than America’s leaders. It’s a sad truth about a much sadder reality.

For sticking it to Trump and other men who don’t really care about Puerto Rico and stomping hard for her people, Carmen Yulín Cruz is a hero for sure.

tina campbell using christian values to support donald trump mary mary 2017

Zero – Tina Campbell

For those who don’t know who this woman is, just know that she is a superstar in her own right. Tina Campbell, along with her sister Erica Campbell, makes up the gospel singing sensation, Mary Mary. They are a BIG deal in the Christian music world. They have achieved success beyond gospel music and have enjoyed mainstream pop success with many crossover hits. Alas, Tina Campbell is this week’s zero not only because she proudly says that she voted for Donald Trump, but mainly because she’s using her Christian “values” as the reason for doing so.

This really pisses me off because we all know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Trump is not a religious, pious man. There is no way that he can be the ass hat that he is and be remotely spiritual. So for Campbell to open her mouth and say that she gave him her vote because of his Christian values is quintessential church folks ignorance.

“As a Christian, there were certain stances that Donald Trump had that were more in favor for my Christian beliefs. And there were more stances that Hillary Clinton had that were against my Christian beliefs. So because of that, I chose the president that I chose.”

Christians have got to stop using their “Christian beliefs” as the crutch for why they make messed up decisions. If you really want to put your religion to work as it concerns politics, then you should look at the caliber of the person, what they are about, what they have done and what they do (versus their lip service) as a measure for whether or not to support them.

I lived 14 years of my existence as a die-hard, zealous Christian who, as long as it sounded right, went along with the political candidate that “matched” my beliefs; regardless of consideration for who they really are. I was an idiot then and so is Campbell now. She and others who tout their Christian beliefs as reasons for supporting highly questionable and downright insidious individuals are too self-righteous to see the errors of their ways.

It’s a total load of crap, and all the flak that she has gotten because of her vote is well-deserved. We have a man that is telling hurricane-torn parts of this country that their experiences aren’t that bad compared to others. He is telling them that they broke our budget and throwing supplies into the crowd like he’s doing layups. There are no amounts of values a person can hold that will dismiss their elitism, lack of sympathy and just downright, chosen oblivion.

Tina Campbell is the worst kind of black Christian. She’s a total zero.