Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Avoid in Week 13: Russell Wilson & Philip Rivers

Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Avoid in Week 13 russell wilson 2015 images

Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Avoid in Week 13 russell wilson 2015 imagesFor most teams, the quarterback can make or break you every week. For example, Drew Brees broke me last week, but anyone with Russell Wilson was singing a different tune. Luke McCown did well against the Carolina Panthers so that Brees will get the benefit of the doubt, but Russell Wilson is on the sit list for this week. Here’s a little help on who NOT to play in Week 13:

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: I know he’s done well for you the last two weeks with 31 against the San Francisco 49ers and 44 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it’s time to sell high.

The Minnesota Vikings defense is much better than both of those teams, and although they’ve allowed over 20 points to quarterbacks a few times this season, no one has ever managed more than 23. On top of that, only four quarterbacks managed more than one passing touchdown against the Vikings. Minnesota has also been consistently good at containing QBs this season with only Colin Kaepernick managing more than 20 rushing yards.

Wilson’s numbers historically drop off pretty significantly on the road, and in fantasy he has only put up more than 17 points on the road in Week 2 against the Green Bay Packers. If you’re in a two-QB league, maybe you could justify starting Wilson, but it’s probably safest to avoid him.

Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: It took the Jacksonville Jaguars to pull Rivers out of his slump, so just use your imagination for this week’s matchup with the Denver Broncos top-rated defense. As if that weren’t bad enough, Rivers only managed 11 points at home last season against the Broncos back when their defense was still atrocious under Jack Del Rio.

Andrew Luck and Tom Brady are the only two quarterbacks to score more than 17 points against the Broncos, and that’s only because neither of them runs the ball. Rivers will have Melvin Gordon taking a few carries, so 20 points is a long shot.

Bottom line, I don’t trust Philip Rivers against good defenses, especially with the best pass rush in the NFL. Play him at your own risk.