DICK’s Sporting Goods Jersey Report a Must for Anyone Calling Themselves a Real NFL fan

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One thing that can easily strike up a conversation no matter where you are is when you’re wearing a football jersey. You can be at the supermarket, and suddenly you’ll find yourself in a debate with a complete stranger over your team’s defense strategy or odds for getting to the Super Bowl.

Being a Patriots fan, you can only imagine how much I heard during the entire ‘DeflateGate’ saga, but I proudly wore my Rob Gronkowski Number 87 jersey anyway.

Nearly everyone here at Movie TV Tech Geeks are football fans so there’s always plenty of conversation during the season that can get pretty heated, but the one thing that we all agree on is the Jersey Report from DICK’s Sporting Goods. It started about five years ago, and since then all of our sports writers refer to it as it serves as an NFL popularity contest for player’s jerseys.

It’s a great way to rib your friends or fellow worker if their favorite player’s jersey is trending or descending. We were all actually buying our jerseys from DICK’s Sporting Goods (plus all the exercise equipment in our company workout area) long before they started the Jersey Report, but it’s a great way to feel more involved. They originally started it as a way to engage with NFL fans everywhere, and it’s been quite a success.

The ranking system aggregates sales data from DICK’s Sporting Goods stores (both online and in their many stores) which shows NFL fans those jersey’s that are the most popular and who’s jersey is on the rise or decline. What makes it stand out from so many stats sites and apps is that the sales data can be broken down by overall, defense, rookie and team rankings by week, month or the entire season. They begin the season on Draft day as many of us do!

As you can see above, the Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott is in the top slot with Carson Wentz and Odell Beckham Jr. right behind. My Gronk isn’t too far down the line after dropping  4 spots this past week. Even Tom Brady slipped three slots down, and that’s the fun addictive nature of the Jersey Report. You just can’t resist checking back often to see what’s changed and where your favorite player’s jersey is ranking. We’re all very competitive here so when our player’s jersey is climbing quickly like Elliott and Beckham’s did this past week, we are quick to announce it.

Since the Gronk has slipped down, especially after his recent injury, I’ll just keep that to myself. I’m sure someone here will pounce to let me know though.

Now Tony Romo showed some real class by stepping aside for the Cowboys Dak Prescott both of those jerseys have been climbing quickly. You can quickly gauge the temperature on players by the Jersey Report as they tend to change as quickly as the latest Kardashian marketing ploy.

Try out the Jersey Report for yourself and see how quickly you get sucked in to the action.

We can easily agree that DICK’s Sporting Goods truly is the premier destination for authentic NFL jerseys and licensed apparel. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as they’ll have plenty of great deals with the holidays coming up, not to mention the Super Bowl.

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