Celebrity Gossip Recap: Beyonce vs Ledisi & Peter Gunz Kicked To Curb

Celebrity Gossip Recap Beyonce vs Ledisi Peter Gunz Kicked To Curb

Celebrity Gossip Recap Beyonce vs Ledisi Peter Gunz Kicked To Curb

There have been so many stories surrounding the Grammys and more. It is all, for the most part, salacious gossip and is why we can’t get enough of it. Here we go.

beyonce bounces out ledisi at grammys 2015

Probably the most talked about story from the Grammys this year is Beyoncé’s diss to Ledisi. The story goes she contacted John Legend and asked to open his and Common’s Glory performance from the movie Selma by singing Take My Hand, Precious Lord. There are all kinds of reasons why what she did was wrong, the main and most obvious being the fact that Ledisi, who played Mahalia Jackson in the movie, was assed out by the superpower who ended the Grammy’s with the song. Now the insights to the thought process I am sure was behind Beyoncé’s move is a whole other article but when it comes down to it, Beyoncé’s girl power that she touts all the time was put on the back burner in this situation. Bey, I thought you said GIRLS run the world, not Girl.

kanye west clown diss on beck at grammys 2015

Also in Grammy happenings, your boy Kanye West is at it again. I mean seriously, they just need to sit him at the back of the room so he doesn’t have time to steal another person’s moment. When Beck was announced as the winner for Album of the Year (over Beyoncé) Kanye proceeded to storm the stage to express his objections. He walked off as if he was joking but that, we all know, was no joke. He was serious and very upset with the fact that a “real artist” (Beyoncé) didn’t win and says if the Academy wants “real artists” to come back to the Grammys, they need to “stop playing with us.” Kanye please, the world does not revolve around the Jigga set. Please remember that and start acting accordingly.

Bobbi Kristina Browns Sage Continues To Grow

The ongoing sadness that is the Bobbi Kristina situation could possibly take an even more unfortunate turn today. Not only is it the three year anniversary of her Whitney Houston’s death, reports have circulated that the family plans to take her off life support tomorrow. Now, if this is true, and hear me out here, I can see their reasoning behind this. It will almost be a kind of last wish (I guess to say) for BK who was just utterly devastated by losing her mother. On the other hand, it is absolutely outrageous for the media to report this and to start this rumor if it not true. The mainstream media is always “starting stuff” and their attempt to break a “good story” is in extremely poor taste. Eff the media!

aaron hernandez fiance immune from his trial 2015 imagesaaron hernandez fiance immune from his trial 2015 images

In “are you serious” news, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s fiancé has been granted immunity in his murder trial. Let me say that again, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s fiancé has been granted immunity in his murder trial. All I’m going to say is the good feelings and support she has given him and his family could all change? And I’m just going to leave it at that.

peter gunz dumped by amina buddafly 2015

For those that have been following Love and Hip Hop New York (and my recaps), reports have come in that Amina Buddafly, who for some strange reason married Peter Gunz, is finally divorcing the cheater. The way this guy treated and treats her (she is his wife and the mother of his most recently born child) is deplorable and he is a disgusting excuse for a man. From not being there when she went into labor because he was on a “business trip” which was really a “family vacation” with Tara and the boys in BARBADOS to lying and cheating, she is young and beautiful and does not deserve the way he treats her so thank God she is divorcing him. It’s about time!

ilyasah al shabazz malcolm x daughter controversy 2015 images

In cooning new, Ilyasah Shabazz the daughter of civil rights activist Malcolm X, says… are you ready for this… White people can say nigga if black people can record it. Are you serious right now Ilyasah? I am sure your daddy is turning in his grave. This is that Uncle Tom bullshit that a lot of black people are on. She probably thinks that it’s okay for white people to kill black people because black people kill black people. I don’t understand people like this and believe their thinking is warped and limited.

bruce jenner crash kills woman 2015 images


Finally, Bruce Jenner was in a fatal car accident and is laying low for the time being. Hmmm, I wonder what caused it. Maybe he was checking his fake eyelashes to make sure they weren’t falling off. Or perhaps he was putting the finishing touches on his pink lips with his favorite gloss. It probably happened because he was wiping off his overly rouged cheeks. Regardless, someone lost their life and everyone is trying to figure out why.

What I hear coming from the most famous people alive never ceases to baffle and unsettle me.