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The NCAA may frustrate many people, but college football is so popular that we have our own writers dedicated soley to it’s coverage. We cover it every week with our Winners & Losers section.

Mark Walton indefinitely suspended by Miami Hurricanes after DUI charge

Another week, another player suspended indefinitely for bad behavior off the field as Miami Hurricanes have dealt with running back Mark Walton's DUI arrest and charge this weekend. He was also driving with a suspended license

Cardale Jones and Jim Harbaugh Attack NCAA for Incompetence

Not the best week for the NCAA. Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh had nothing flattering to say about the organization.

An Early Look at the Favorites in the 2016 College Football...

With Alabama’s 45-40 defeat of Clemson in Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship game, we can reflect on a phenomenal season full of ups, downs, highlights, and lowlights.

Why DeShaun Watson deserved the Heisman Trophy

Everyone has their idea of who should win the Heisman Trophy, and there's usually quite the list of those that truly deserve it. DeShaun Watson was easily one of those on the 'most deserved' list, and here's the breakdown of why he deserved more than most.

Winners & Losers in the 2016 College Football Coaching Carousel

It seems to happen every season. School A gets tired of basking in mediocrity and fires its coach late in the season. The firing and subsequent hiring of the latest up-and-coming hotshot sparks a chain of changes in the college football landscape.

5 Reasons Why Alabama Will Win the College Football Playoff National...

Second-ranked Alabama is the favorite to defeat top-ranked Clemson and win what could be its fourth national title in seven years when the two teams meet on January 11 in Phoenix.

College Bowl’s Winners & Losers 2015

It is the ultimate week of the season for college football fans. The days between Christmas leading to New Year’s Day are full of some of the most intriguing matchups of the season including the College Football Playoff.

Winners & Losers from College Football’s First Full Bowl Week

It was the holiday season’s first full bowl featuring 13 games for the rabid college football fan. The week began with a fine performance by one of college football’s best quarterbacks as Western Kentucky beat South Florida 45-35 in the Miami Beach Bowl

Winners & Losers From College Football’s First Bowl Weekend

College football’s bowl season got underway Saturday with a slate of five games, a full feast for the rabid college football fan. Excitement abounded and fans were elated as three of the five were decided by a touchdown or less.

Only Winners In The Army-Navy Rivalry 2015

For one Saturday during the college football season, fans get the privilege of witnessing the game at its finest. Climate change, terrorism, the economy…for a few hours, none of those matter.

College Football Week 14 Winners & Losers

It is one of the Saturdays that every true college football fan looks forward to each year. Championship Saturday 2015 did not disappoint. The day started with two good ones

College Football Week 13 Winners & Losers

Iowa took care of business on Thanksgiving Friday when it beat Nebraska 28-20 and Michigan State proved last week was no fluke when the Spartans manhandled Penn State 55-16.