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Apparantly, Norton Security was CIA hacker proof

Apparantly, Norton Security was CIA hacker proof

Apparantly, Norton Security was CIA hacker proof 2017 images

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks did a big data dump of CIA files, and it showed that the Central Intelligence Agency had tested nearly all the major antivirus software to see if they were vulnerable. While some publications reported that all the major antivirus software had been found vulnerable, they appear to be wrong about one.

After delving deep into those WikiLeaks files, we found that Norton Security actually hadn’t been hacked by the CIA. The files showed many of the very familiar brands had been hacked with WikiLeaks breaking down in detail how they did it, but even though Norton’s name showed up on a huge list of all the major software on the market, it wasn’t because they had been found vulnerable. They were on a list of all the software that had the CIA had allegedly attemped to hack.

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Since I’ve used Norton Security for years, I was relieved to know that I’d made the right choice. In the decade I’ve been using Norton, I’ve never had any malware or infections or the dreaded ransomware that so many friends have gotten hit with.

Naturally, this latest round from WikiLeaks reminds people how vulnerable their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones are after all. It’s easy to forget that when Windows 10 has led many people to think they don’t really need antivirus software protection anymore. Yes, you still do, and if WikiLeaks hasn’t proven that to you, sadly, you’ll learn the hard way.

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If you don’t protect your devices against viruses, spyware, malware and whatever new online threat hackers can come up with, you will realize that having that extra protection is so worth it. Especially if you do online transactions, as that can put your identity at a high risk. I’m amazed when I’m at the airport or a public space and see people checking bank balances or paying bills on an open wi-fi hotspot. If their device isn’t protected, it’s not much different than going into a hospital ward filled with people having pneumonia and letting them sneeze on you.

The fact that Norton Security has won PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice 37 time is another reason why I can highly recommend this antivirus software. Plus they do have 24/7 support for those times when you really need it. They’ve been able to answer the most complex questions I’ve thrown at them, and I’ve put them through some tests.

Ransomware seems to be the biggest threat for many people as it takes over your system and demands that you call a special number, and for a price, they will unlock it. It’s hard to find something that can prevent that, aside from watching what sites your going to, but at least Norton keeps updating itself regularly to help fight it. You have to think of the internet like this, would you walk down a dark nasty looking alley at night? Then why would you visit some sketchy looking site that’s promising things you don’t really need. If you know what I mean.

So, Norton Security couldn’t have chosen a better time to offer a free 60-day trial of Norton Security Deluxe risk-free. You can try it out here. Let us know in the comments how your trial went. Hey, it’s 60 days of protection for free. What more could you ask for?

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While this article is sponsored by Norton Security, I’ve actually used it for ten years and after digging into WikiLeaks and seeing that the CIA wasn’t able to hack into it, I can easily recommend it for all your devices security needs.

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