All’s Quiet On DeflateGate Front For New England Patriots

new england patriots ready for deflategate to being again 2015

new england patriots ready for deflategate to being again 2015

It seems that DeflateGate is not a big story now that the Super Bowl has been over for about a month. Shockingly, the Patriots were not banned from the Super Bowl and the Colts sent in as a replacement at the last minute. No, the New England Patriots were allowed to play, with every player cleared to be on the field including Tom Brady. Seattle ended up losing the game at the end and New England got to bask in the glory of another NFL Championship.

The investigation is ongoing just like I predicted. NFL investigator Ted Wells should just take his time, which I’m sure he will do. If he wants to wait until 2017 to report his findings that will sit well with me. In fact if Roger Goodell sent out a press release tomorrow stating that he has ended the investigation into the Patriots’ possible tampering with the AFC Championship Game balls, I’m fine with it. Goodell could just come out and say that since fans really don’t care and the AFC Title Game is over and done with, we are going to stop wasting money on this farce of an investigation. At least that would be the honest thing to do. Fans don’t care, no records will be changed, and the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions for the 2014 season, period.

I have a feeling I know what the findings will be if the report on DeflateGate ever comes out. Maybe Ted Wells can draw a check for the rest of his life on this one case and we will never see a report at all. But if old Ted ever wraps it up, the general findings will be that there were indeed footballs under inflated, but no one can be found at fault, especially the New England Patriots. I would be less shocked if the report accused the Colts of sabotage in an effort to make New England look like cheaters, rather than the Pats being found guilty!

DeflateGate has become a national joke at this point. Everyone from David Letterman, to SNL, and even Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on Jimmy Kimmel have made light of the situation. Unless a hi-def video pops up that shows Tom Brady and his supermodel wife sucking the air out of some footballs, the nation doesn’t want to be bothered with DeflateGate anymore. The Colts were blown out, game is over, and the Super Bowl has played out. For a scandal to have consequences, it has to have a conclusion before the 24 hour news networks get tired of it. No updates equals no story. And that’s just how Roger Goodell likes it.

For anyone running a big company out there, take note of this NFL scandal. This is how you handle it. Roger Goodell’s game plan to quiet the storm over DeflateGate should sit right alongside Belichick’s Hall Of Fame defensive scheme from Super Bowl XXV. This scandal involved one of the highest profile teams in the NFL, one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and the third biggest game of the season. Yet all has gone quiet. Well played Mr. Commissioner.