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Gaming takes subscriptions, streaming mainstream

Subscribing and streaming games has been going on for over a decade, but not that Google and Apple have jumped in, expect stores like GameStop to go the way of Block Buster.

Donald Trump Investigations: What you need to know.

While Donald Trump is claiming full exoneration, there are still several investigations going on with the president. Here's what you need to know.

MPAA welcomes Netflix while DOJ warns Academy about Oscar block

Netflix was center of attention at CinemaCon when the MPAA welcomed the streamer onboard while the DOJ warned Academy about antitrust actions.

Barbara Bush really didn’t like Donald Trump

Barbara Bush knew how to bite her tongue when a Bush was in office, but she didn't have to worry about that when it...

Nipsey Hussle shooter caught plus David Blaine denies assault claim

Nipsey Hussle's shooter has been caught while David Blaine denies sex assault and Jack Montague's Yale lawsuit moves forward.

Facebook ad scams grow while FBI fails hacking victims

Facebook claims they are making things better for users, but ad scams are growing faster than ever. The FBI has let down victims of hackers by not letting them know their rights.

Michael Avenatti pulled into R. Kelly sex abuse case

Bad fortune continues following attorney Michael Avenatti as R. Kelly's lawyers are pulling him into their case.

CinemaCon 2019 hits with 5 burning questions

Kevin Hart has already been crowned Star of the Year at this year's CinemaCon, but the big elephant in the room will be Netflix....

Puerto Rico disaster aid bill blocked by Democrats

Democrats have clocked a Republican disaster bill that doesn't provide enough relief for Puerto Rico. The fight with Donald Trump continues.

Donald Trump’s Russian, health care, Great Lakes, immigration facts still wrong

Donald Trump has been telling everyone he's exonerated from Bob Mueller, but his facts are off on that along with health care and immigration.

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