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Why we actually have ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 5

If ABC had it's way, "Agents of SHIELD" would have been gone after Season 4 but Disney pushed hard for Season 5. Here's all the reason why.

NFL anthem standing now an expectation

NBA, Commissioner Adam Silver Expect All Players to Stand for National Anthem

Norton Core: The Wireless Router You’ll Proudly Want To Put On Display

We all know Norton from their great anti-virus security software, but they've come out with the Norton Core wireless router that will keep your home and smart devices safe from hackers and malware.

‘The Walking Dead’ hits 100 episodes: Now what?

As "The Walking Dead" hits its 100 episode mark, fans are wondering if they can get back to what made the show so special to them. We visited the set to get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming season.

Apple’s facial recognition: What you need to know about face id

Apple is taking on the rise of hackers with a new facial recognition system to debut with the iPhone X, but what exactly does it do, and will it keep your safer on your devices?

Bella Hadid insists no feud and Rob Kardashian sues Blac Chyna now

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Hadid sisters say no feud, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner sue Blac Chyna, Macklemore in gay marriage fight, Serena Williams killer body back, blame Louie Gohmert for telling Donald Trump all his prez powers.

Will ‘Tremors’ Reboot Take Franchise to Perfection?

Will the Tremors tv reboot be worthy of Kevin Bacon's return?

Will Tim Cook’s iPhone X vs iPhone 8 gamble pay off?

Will Tim Cook's biggest gamble yet with Apple's iPhone X vs iPhone 8 campaign pay off? Most insiders think it will kill the iPhone 8 as sales haven't been so great, but long-term results could change their minds.

Beyonce cheers up Lady Gaga while Kardashians continue breeding

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Beyonce's pick me up for Lady Gaga, Khloe Kardashian pregnant, Garth Brooks writing spree, GOT Kit Harington engaged, Bruno Mars expands and Pete Davidson borderline.

Steven Spielberg doc hits HBO, ‘Joker’ shoots 2018, and Wonder Woman goes ‘Flashpoint’

Movie Roundup: Spielberg HBO documentary set, "Joker" origin movie ready for 2018 shoot, Wonder Woman showing up for "Flashpoint," and Kate Winslett goes from Vogue to Lee Miller.

Republicans give up on Obamacare repeal again, and Donald Trump creates fake news

Republicans perform an Obamacare repeal fail hat trick while Donald Trump tweets out fake news on Iran missiles.

Donald Trump sucks air out of NFL but unites teams

Donald Trump Makes the NFL More Political than Ever Before

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