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Browns Myles Garrett mysterious injury keeps him off field

Last week, Myles Garrett said he expected to be going "full tilt" with the Cleveland Browns, but instead of wearing a helmet at practice, he was donned in a baseball cap.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal continue forward at French Open

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have become the men to beat at Roland Garros as the both won straight sets on Wednesday.

Android feels the wrath of Judy malware

As Android apps pile up in the Google Play store, malware like Judy is sure to infest it and cause some damage.

Megyn Kelly Putin in her time with NBC debut as Fox News rebuilds

As Fox News struggles to rebuild itself, Megyn Kelly comes out strong with Vladimir Putin interview on NBC.

Piittsburgh Penguins Win Weird in Game One of 2017 Stanley Cup Finals

Penguins beat Predators 5-3 in a game that saw more than a few stranger things.

Was WannaCry another reason to upgrade to Windows 10?

After WannaCry ransomware hit, more people have reason to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 or was that the plan?

LeBron James NBA team aspirations

If you’ve been on social media in the past week, you’ve probably seen at least one person talking about the decade-old debate of who’s better: Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

No alcohol for Tiger Woods and Kris Humphries remembered

Tiger Woods blames the drugs for DUI, the Hulk battles Flash Gordon and Kim Kardashian gives remembrance to Kris Humphries while Jeff Bezos gets cancelled.

Jared Kushner feeling the Russian heat

While many within Donald Trump's White House rally around Jared Kushner, defending his back channel Russian efforts, their efforts haven't minimized the scrutiny he's now under by both the media and investigators.

Homeland Security fine with Jared Kushner’s Russia back channel plan

Like many in the Donald Trump White House administration, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is more worried about intelligence leaks than Jared Kushner's plan to create a back-channel network with Russia.

Mitch McConnell’s Senate health care headache

Donald Trump's antics have kept both the media and American busy while members of the Senate have spent the past few weeks discussing how...

Department of Justice getting even harsher on crime

Jeff Sessions has easily found his match in Steve Cook with someone who feels the United States has gotten soft on crime.

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