2015 NFL Championship Weekend Recap Patriot Blowout & Seahawks Fly Off To Super Bowl

tom brady laughs off deflate gate for new england patriots 2015 nfc champs

seahawks take down packers 2015 championship win

Wow. Championship Week never fails to prove us with some great matchups. As predicted, the Super Bowl is going to be Seahawks Patriots, but it’s not that simple of course. Here’s a recap of a crazy Championship Week:

packers vs seahawks nfc championship 2015

Green Bay Packers 22 at Seattle Seahawks 28: I’m going to jump to 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. The Packers are up 19-7, and Russell Wilson just threw his fourth interception of the game. Wilson had an atrocious game. In fact, the Seahawks quarterback started the game 2 of 9 for 13 yards and three interceptions. Wilson isn’t “elite,” he’s a joke. The Seahawks are lucky they had the personnel around him to pull out the victory in the end. Anyways, the Packers were unable to waste much time on their short drive and had to punt. The Seahawks drove down the field with ease thanks to the power running of Marshawn Lynch, kicked the onside kick (which Brandon Bostick comically dropped in some sort of David Tyree-esque catch attempt), and then scored again, and converted on a crazy two point attempt. Just like that the Pack was down 22-19 with a minute left. Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers helped led the team down the field, and a Mason Crosby 48 yard field goal sent this game into overtime. The Seahawks won the toss and never looked back. If you had to miss this game, make sure you watch the final 5 minutes.

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Indianapolis Colts 7 at New England Patriots 45: The game itself was a complete blowout, but another Patriots Super Bowl just wouldn’t be complete without another controversy. The only notable stat line from this game is Andrew Luck’s (12-of-33 for 126 yards and two picks). Tom Brady didn’t do well as far as completion percentage goes, but his biggest mistake was the interception he threw trying to force a ball into coverage on Rob Gronkowski. That’s when everything got blown open. D’Qwell Jackson immediately noticed something was wrong with the ball—it was slightly deflated. Sure, sometimes this happens during the game. The problem is it makes it easier for kickers, receivers, and especially quarterbacks (Lord Knows Brady can’t win without cheating). Well, the NFL would usually shrug this off; however, after the Ray Rice debacle that’s no longer an option. Roger Goodell’s favorite team had to be investigated like any other team would be. 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots were using were under inflated. Don’t get me wrong, the Patriots could have beaten the Colts without deflating their footballs, but could they have beaten the Baltimore Ravens? The Denver Broncos earlier this season? For all we know they’ve been doing this all season, maybe longer. Cheaters cheat.