What’s the Point of Fantasy Football?

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nfl fantasy football what the point images 2015Fantasy football is running amuck as I speak. From the so called experts on TV giving tips for your draft day, to Buffalo Wild Wings’ Draft Kit, to endless DraftKings promos, fantasy football is unavoidable. So what’s the big deal?

More importantly, what is the point of fantasy football? 

If you want to try and figure out how something becomes a trend, be my guest. I just assume it’s a random work of the universe. See “Snuggies” if you doubt this randomness. Of course, the fact that fantasy football is connected to the most popular sport in America certainly helps. But football was pretty great without having to worry ourselves with unmanageable stats, ulcer inducing game time injury updates, and the likely humiliation of losing to Bob, the office jackass, on a yearly basis.

So why would we go to the extra trouble of signing up for fantasy football? Wouldn’t it be easier to lay slumped in a recliner, beer in hand, while enjoying a great game without the burden of competing in your own fantasy league?

Apparently not. Judging by the popularity of fantasy football, it is certainly not seen as a burden. An estimated one out of five American males play fantasy sports. We are not at the peak of interest either. That number will keep heading upward, especially with daily fantasy sports trending upward in our instant gratification society.

Oh, and fantasy sports, which football dominates, is a billion dollar plus industry! Not bad for a hobby that started in an old school bar among friends decades ago.

Technically the point of fantasy football is to win individual contests against your friends or internet acquaintances. Then ultimately you hope to be crowned the champion of your league. That’s the draw to fantasy play. Not only do you get to enjoy football just like always, but now you can become part of the action…without the risk of concussions, ACL tears, or being cut from the roster when you are over the hill.

So to be clear, there is no point to playing fantasy sports. No, not even fantasy football. It’s just a game. It’s fun. People like it. Just like ice cream and Twitter. No point really. We play fantasy football just cause it generates some level of joy.

With daily fantasy football, there is the possibility of making some cash with this hobby. I’m sure a large percentage of people play FanDuel, DraftKings, and now Yahoo! daily games in hopes of winning a few bucks with their “knowledge.” But for most people that’s not gonna happen. Sure you can get lucky and win really big, but daily fantasy football is for guys that have plenty of time to devote it. I mean plenty of time!

I tried my hand on DraftKings last year, had a great time, but never really profited. I even paid a monthly fee to a great data research website to help me out. I did OK, but not well enough to keep pouring more money into my DK account. I am still going to play daily fantasy football this season, because I like it…a lot. Even if I don’t end up on a DraftKings Millionaire Maker commercial wearing a Matt Ryan Jersey, I will enjoy myself.

Fantasy football is not going away like some trends that end up on the scrap heap. Most players don’t get tired of it and just go away. Leagues often stay together for several years. There really is a bond between the guys and girls in these leagues, regardless of the filthy trash talking that’s involved!

If you have some extra time on your hands, I recommend fantasy football. If you are too busy to breathe then it may not be for you. It takes time to actually draft a team, keep up with injury reports, and be competitive. You don’t want to be “that guy” who never sets his lineup after week three or forgets about draft night altogether.

If you love football, but are too busy to join a fantasy league, then you are likely overworked and stretched too thin. You need to make room for the pointless things in life that are for fun only. Fantasy football is one of those things. Joining a league won’t help cure cancer or save baby seals. Being a part of a league does help build friendships with new people and also helps us reconnect with friends we don’t get to see very often or at all.

fantasy football whats the point loser images 2015When you get down to the nitty gritty of life, what’s the point of anything really? Why set any goals or make plans for the future? We are all destined for that eternal dirt nap eventually so why bother even getting out of bed?

Damn, that got dark quick! The point is this. We are only here for a short time. We should do what makes us happy as often as possible. All work and no play, you know. Playing fantasy football clearly makes people happy. That is the point. No reason beyond that fact is necessary.