THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Box Set Shows Carl’s Rage

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The Walking Dead Season 4 was one of its most powerful with some of the most shocking episodes in its history. The creators obviously listened when fans complained in the past of the show moving slowly so they found a great compromise of bringing in a lot more character development without losing any steam. We learned so much more about Michonne and Carol (Melissa McBride) not to mention a little more about Daryl (Norman Reedus) and his big bad brother Merle.

Now just around the corner is the Season 4 box set of The Walking Dead, and it’s bound to sell out quickly as fans will want to watch it all over again before Season 5 begins in October. This is one you definitely want to pre-order as the collector’s editions from McFarlane Toys always go quick.

Check out the trailer for the box set and a new clip entitled ‘Drawing Inspiration’ which talks about bringing the comic book to life in the episode where Carl (Chandler Riggs) finally explodes on daddy Rick (Andrew Lincoln), but he’s passes out and hears none of it. Carl’s rage brings home some walkers and that experience forces the poor kid to grow up even more and faster in his new world.

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As always, Anchor Bay Entertainment has the box set jammed full of everything you can think of Walking Dead, and of course there’s that special edition with the mud zombie. Here’s a little taste of what will be included this time around:

  • The Making Of THE WALKING DEAD
  • Drawing Inspiration
  • Goodbye To Hershel
  • Goodbye To The Governor
  • Society, Science & Survival
  • Inside KNB Studios
  • A Journey Back To Brutality
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The Walking Dead Season 4 Overview
Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” enjoyed its most popular season to date, averaging 13.3 million live/same day viewers per episode and 8.6 million adults 18-49. Whether evading walkers, resisting a super flu outbreak, escaping the fall of their temporary prison haven and desperately searching for a sanctuary called Terminus, the on-going story of a group of survivors under the protective watch and leadership of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Dr. Herschel Greene (Scott Wilson) continues to capture viewers’ imaginations on a global scale.

The fourth season begins several months following the close of the third season, where life has become relatively peaceful for the growing number of survivors at the prison. Rick made the decision some time ago to renounce his role as the group’s leader, in which a council was formed as a replacement. The peaceful society is disrupted when a deadly influenza virus ravages the population, killing many of the survivors. A scavenging team eventually returns with the medicine needed to contain the outbreak.

Meanwhile, a flashback reveals that The Governor was abandoned by his remaining henchmen following the failed attack on the prison; it then depicts Woodbury burning at the hands of The Governor, before forwarding to the present where The Governor is shown disheveled and wandering aimlessly. He eventually runs into the Chambler family – Lilly, Tara, their terminally ill father David, and Lilly’s daughter Meghan. He adopts a false identity and commits numerous good deeds for the family in an effort to atone for his past. Soon after running into his former henchman Martinez, however, The Governor impulsively kills him and takes over the group of survivors he was leading. He disguises the death as an accident and rallies the people behind his cause for revenge.

The Governor finds Michonne and Hershel outside of the prison and takes them hostage. He arrives at the gates with his new-found army and threatens to kill the hostages. Refusing to surrender, Rick proposes they coexist at the prison instead of fighting. Sensing that some of his group may be persuaded, The Governor decapitates Hershel with Michonne’s katana, provoking a firefight between the two camps. Rick confronts and fights The Governor, who nearly kills him, but Michonne saves Rick in time by mortally wounding The Governor with her sword. The Governor’s army is eventually defeated, but the defending survivors are scattered as the prison is overrun by walkers.

Following the battle, the survivors are split into different groups traveling separately; each encountering a variety of obstacles as they search for “Terminus”, a place described as a “sanctuary for all” by many signs posted along a series of railroads. Carol and Tyreese struggle with a dilemma involving Lizzie – a mentally disturbed child who murders her younger sister, Mika – which ends with Carol reluctantly killing her to protect Judith. Beth, who was traveling with Daryl and taking shelter with him in a funeral home, is kidnapped during a walker attack. Glenn and Tara are joined by three new survivors – Sgt. Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Dr. Eugene Porter – who are on a mission to Washington, D.C. in search of what remains of the government. Dr. Porter reveals that he knows the cause of the walker outbreak but is unable to elaborate; claiming the information is classified. On the way to Terminus, Glenn and Maggie’s groups reunite. They are the first group shown to arrive at Terminus, where they are met by a woman named Mary; who welcomes them in and offers food.

Meanwhile, Daryl encounters a hostile group of men led by a man named Joe. He allows Daryl to join under the condition that he lives by their code; a strict set of rules punishable by beatings and even death if broken. The group eventually find Rick, Michonne and Carl and hold them hostage, seeking revenge for an earlier run-in with Rick that left one of their members strangled to death. Daryl arrives on the scene to stop the attack, and the bandits are eventually overwhelmed and killed. Reunited with Daryl, the group makes their way to Terminus where they run into the town’s inhabitants. Rick and the group are reassured that they are now safe, but a conflict breaks out after Rick notices Hershel’s watch, Glenn’s riot gear, and Maggie’s poncho being worn by several of the townspeople. Greatly outnumbered, Rick and the others are forced to surrender. Gareth, the leader of Terminus, orders them into a nearby railroad car, where they discover Glenn and Maggie’s group are also being held captive. The season ends with Rick claiming, “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out…they’re screwing with the wrong people.”

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Scott Wilson, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Chandler Riggs, David Morrissey, Melissa McBride, Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney. New characters introduced this season include Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gillard, Jr.), Rosita Espinoza (Christian Serratos) and Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermott).

Release Date: Blu-ray/DVD Box Set – August 26, 2014

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