Twitter’s Donald Trump Negativity post-Election

Twitter Negativity post Election 2016 images

Twitter's Donald Trump Negativity post-Election 2016 images

Want to get a bad glimpse at humanity? Take a gander at Twitter. Don’t stare too long though, or else you could damage your retinas with this negativity eclipse.

One day after Donald Trump became President-elect of the United States, the tweets are flying fast and furiously. And they are mostly negative.

Not shocking, given the fact that people will take the time to vent their frustrations online rather than make efforts to post positive thoughts.

Trump may well be the most controversial President-elect in history. That’s a mouthful considering the crew that has slept in the White House over the years. Though to think Trump is any dirtier than former Presidents who received BJs from interns or banged soon-to-be dead movie stars, is a reach.

But if you check out Twitter for five minutes you may well believe Donald Trump is worse than Satan himself. If the vote took place on Twitter, I’m guessing the devil would be the President-elect.

Just so you can get a feel for the morning after the election, here’s some of the tweets I found.

twitter hate post election

Each year we get the same old story about voting for the lesser of two evils. This year seemed to be the most glaring example of it with Trump being outrageously outspoken and Clinton appearing to be no better than any other career politician.

It does seem as though the system itself is the real problem with our government, when “the lesser of two evils” is our only “hope.”

trump support tweet

While there are a few celebrities that I’d like to see bounce from the good ole USA, most of these threats were meaningless. These Hollywood types have it made here, no matter who is in charge of Air Force One.

Not to mention that all the rehashed, canned crap coming out of Hollywood is pretty unnecessary at this point. I’m sure we have some up and coming folks that could replace the current regime who is handing out works of art like Ghostbusters 2.

No high-level politician represents the working class. If the working class wants to get ahead, well they need to get above of the working class. No one in D.C. is looking out for us folks who get up at 4:30 AM to work a side hustle before our real job starts at 9 AM.

Trump is a billionaire who is surely out of touch with main street. But the alternative was no different in that aspect. Being a governor’s / POTUS’ / ex-Prez’s wife isn’t exactly hard work.

twitter trump fear

This tweet is for the average Joe who hates Trump and thinks they will be better off in another country. Most of the loudest people in this “I’m out” group are probably incapable of existing away from their mommy or Nanny Government that’s keeping them afloat.

Funny. That’s part of the reason Trump won the damn thing. Enough people were tired of the experienced politicians pissing away the American Dream.

Trump may end up doing no better, but at least he is more of an outsider than real Republicans, or Democrats have offered.

And for this last misplaced tweet. This guy should know better than to put something sensible on Twitter. Common sense has no place on social media. It’s a place to rant and rave about the world melting down because the White House is getting new tenants in a couple months.

I hope you all use this article as a warning to stay away from Twitter until it’s safe to wade back into normal free flowing thoughts from people about their new shoes, relationship issues, and sports.

My soul got a little darker from just 15 minutes of reading the river of hate online.

I was prepared, though. The same negativity flowed when Barack Obama was elected. Half of America finds the glass half empty then shattered on the floor, no matter who wins these elections.