Bill Belichick Defends Letter to Donald Trump

Bill Belichick Defends Letter to Donald Trump 2016 images

Bill Belichick Defends Letter to Donald Trump 2016 images

Bill Belichick is 100 percent focused on Seattle. Still, even the Darth Vader of media relations couldn’t completely avoid questions about his letter to Donald Trump that was read on Monday at a Trump rally by the new “Don” of the USA.

New England’s head coach doesn’t like giving inside information to the beat writers he sees on a weekly basis. That doesn’t mean he’s afraid to stand up to them, however.

There was no way even the most elusive interview in all the NFL could avoid his endorsing of Trump. So he simply grabbed the bull by the horns.

“I’ve received a number of inquiries relative to a note I wrote to Donald on Monday,” he told reporters in an opening statement. “Our friendship goes back many years. And I think anybody that spends more than five minutes with me knows I’m not a political person. My comments are not politically motivated. It’s friendship and loyalty to Donald. A couple weeks ago we had Secretary of State (John) Kerry in the locker room, another friend of mine. I can’t imagine two people with more different political views than those two. But to me friendship and loyalty is just about that, it’s not about political or religious views.”

Belichick is clearly a loyal man. And anyone with half a brain realizes the coach doesn’t agree with everything Trump has said or done over the newly elected President’s lifetime. The letter was written by a friend, to a friend. Not someone with a political agenda to push.

Written by a man that apparently thinks America is in need of increasing its greatness (agreed), according to the letter.

I can imagine the reporters in the room were salivating at the chance to hook Belichick once this little presser began. After all, the Hooded One brought it up himself.

That never happened.

Once he explained why he wrote the letter and how he writes hundreds a month to various people, the show was basically over. Anything else he said would have been “extra.” And the four-time Super Bowl winning coach was not going to give too much for those reporters to gnaw on.

He explained fully. “Admitted” being friends with Trump. And is moving back into game mode.

The only answer moving forward involved one word. “Seattle.”

Belichick uses the team name he’s facing the upcoming week any time he’s asked an irrelevant question. It shows his distaste for the media, which he also noted in his letter to Trump.

And it shows his laser focus.

Even one of the nastiest and most shocking elections in recent history is not going to get Bill Belichick off his game. This kind of controversy may cause ulcers for the average Joe. Maybe even cause a regular coach to call in sick to work.

That’s the difference between Bill Belichick and the rest of us. His focus is coaching professional football. He is all business, when on the job, which is most of the time. He’s not going to let media driven distractions take away from his craft.

The talking heads can comment all day long about Belichick’s choice of friends. And some idiot fans can even burn their Patriots jersey. But the head coach of New England isn’t wasting any energy on the manufactured controversy.

He’s unafraid of the media for one and doesn’t think much of their opinions anyway. He actually did us all a favor by squashing this little situation before it got hyped up beyond all reason.

Now we can focus on what should be a great game on SNF between Seattle and New England. Belichick has moved on, and anyone who is crying the blues about Donald Trump being elected President should do the same.