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Microsoft clawing back to the Surface

Microsoft not giving up on the Surface Phone

The Great Cop Out: NYPD gives up on Windows phones

When Microsoft offered the NYPD free Windows Phones, it was a deal that seemed too good to be true. It turned out to be just that.

Remembering the Dead: A History of failed smartphones

Remember those smartphones the were going to revolutionize technology? Here's a brief history of those that wound up losing that battle.

Windows phones has that vengeance with or without Pokemon Go

The Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile platform is not dead yet, that’s for sure. Even at below two percent market share and suffering a debilitating app gap

Pokemon Go Could be the End of Windows Phone

With Pokemon GO, the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile app problem can no longer be ignored. While it would be easy for Windows Phone users to just get a cheap Android phone to be able to use popular apps

Future Of Windows Phone Still Uncertain

There were high hopes for the Windows Phone when it first hit the market. Microsoft users were thrilled to have a viable option in mobile phones that did not include Apple or Android devices.

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