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Donald Trump wants more force to ‘dominate’ protestors

With protestors fighting against excessive police force, Donald Trump wants more force taken to dominate the protests in America.

William Barr brings back death penalty for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been pushing to bring back the death penalty and his Attorney General William Barr is making his wish come true in December 2019.

William Barr’s Justice Department reopens encryption security fight

William Barr is revisiting data encryption issues for law enforcement in an attempt to get tech companies to allow better access.

Don’t expect high drama from Bob Mueller Russia probe testimony

Robert Mueller is must see tv on Wednesday but avoid getting your hopes up that it will change things for Donald Trump. Here is what you can expect.

Donald Trump clears himself after Robert Mueller refuses plus transcript

Robert Mueller finally spoke about the Russia investigation which proved that Donald Trump was not cleared and Attorney General Barr was not honest with America. Donald Trump says 'case closed' anyway.

Donald Trump’s tax return anxiety just got worse

As pressure continues mounting for Donald Trump to turn over his taxes, the president is feeling the pressure and reacting like he did today in the Rose Garden.

William Barr has become Donald Trump’s ideal American patriot

William Barr is proving to be the ideal person that Donald Trump wants in his life. He's dedicated, loyal and willing to cross any line to get results.

Donald Trump’s economic, Vladimir Putin myths continue

Donald Trump continues creating numbers that have no fact about the economy, Vladimir Putin and Robert Mueller's Russia report. Here are the real facts.

Donald Trump couldn’t have built a better Attorney General than William Barr

Donald Trump couldn't have ordered up a better U.S. Attorney General model than William Barr. Not for America, of course, just himself. He's not...

William Barr widens chasm with Robert Mueller at Senate hearing

During Wednesday's Senate hearing, Attorney General William Barr widened the distance between he and Robert Mueller over the Russia report.

Catching up with those Donald Trump investigations

While President Donald Trump has been keeping everyone distracted with his wall and government shut down, here's what's been happening with all the investigations into both him and everyone in his orbit.

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