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Social Media Influencer Marketing for 2021

2020 brought many changes to social media influencer marketing. Here is what to expect in 2021 to keep relevant.

Understanding 2021 Social Media Influencer Marketing Trends

Social media influencing is changing 2021, but here 6 big tips on how to become an influencer.

FTC zeroes in on tech giants biz model as Facebook cashes in on Georgia elections

Social media giants business model under Federal scrutiny while Facebook allows ads in George campaign.

Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan lead rockers selling off publishing rights and making a bundle!

Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan are part of the groundswell of veteran rockers selling off their music catalogs. Here is why they are doing this.

TikTok hopes Donald Trump forgets ban while Apple’s new M1 Macbook Pro revolutionizes

TikTok returns to court to fight Donald Trump's upcoming ban while Apple unveils its M1 Macbook.

Oracle beats out Microsoft for TikTok, but did they really win?

Did Oracle win out over Microsoft in acquiring ByteDance's TikTok app and will Donald Trump still try to be involved?

Is TikTok worth Microsoft giving a piece of the sale to Donald Trump?

Now that Donald Trump wants a piece of the sale between Microsoft and TikTok, will it really happen?

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