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Nia Guzman vs Chris Brown and Amber Heard’s Johnny Depp abuse

Amber Heard dropped a bombshell claiming Johnny Depp abused her physically the day his latest movie opens, Nia Guzman opens fire on Chris Brown and Troy Ave has been arrested in connection with the TI concert shooting.

TI Sued, Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Sued & Beyonce Super Bowls It

Rapper TI is being sued over stolen jewelry, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake are being sued over stolen lyrics while Beyonce gets ready for round 2 at the Super Bowl.

T.I. Not Up For Woman President & Claudia Jordan Rips That Smiley Rickey

It has truly been a crazy busy day in the gossip world as we've been covering Lamar Odom's sad situation non-stop. T.I. doesn't feel a woman should be president since we're so 'sensitive'

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