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Shemar Moore responds to Thomas Gibson ‘Criminal Minds’ karma

When Shemar Moore suddenly left "Criminal Minds" last season, fans were shocked, but insiders were quickly letting it be known that Thomas Gibson was behind his being pushed out.

Thomas Gibson’s three strikes before ‘Criminal Minds’ firing

Many fans of "Criminal Minds" were shocked to hear the shocking news of star Thomas Gibson being fired from the long-running crime procedural drama.

Thomas Gibson fired from ‘Criminal Minds’ for kicking and Sia gets Celine Dion love

The "Criminal Minds" altercation that got Thomas Gibson fired from the veteran CBS procedural drama was kicking a writer on-set. This came just one day after he was suspended from the first two episodes of the new season because of problems.

Jennifer Lopez takes on ‘Cocaine Grandmother’ and Tyga settles bench warrant problem

After wrapping up American Idol and taking on a starring role in NBC crime-drama Shades of Blue, songstress Jennifer Lopez is ready to once again prove her talent on-screen

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