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Tag: Tax Reform

Republicans excited with tax bill victory

Both Donald Trump and Republicans are very optimistic on the passage of their very controversial tax bill. Here's everything that is in it and the actual tax bill itself.

Republicans get Marco Rubio back on tax bill: Winners, losers

Marco Rubio quickly came on board the Republicans tax bill along with Bob Corker bringing the passage of the unpopular bill closer to Donald Trump's desk in time for Christmas.

Who wins and loses with Republican tax plan?

Donald Trump and Republicans are touting that their new tax reform plan will be a big Christmas gift to Americans, but they're mainly talking about a very tiny percent of them. Find out who wins and loses with this version.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s tax reform, military and fake news

Donald Trump is pushing hard for his tax reform but just how accurate are his claims on what Americans can expect to get out of it?

How can Republicans get to tax reform after health care mess?

With health care back in limbo, can Republicans actually move forward on tax reform before 2018?

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